EventsAccepting Disability for a Fulfilled Life
Accepting Disability for a Fulfilled Life

Accepting Disability for a Fulfilled Life

We are pleased to invite you to join Wayne Stickel for an event about accepting disability. When we grapple with acknowledging and accepting our disability, visible or hidden, it can result in significant personal, financial and societal costs. From an individual perspective, the consequences of not accepting one's disability are far-reaching and can profoundly affect various aspects of one’s life, such as psychological distress, dimished self-esteem and the impact on personal relationships.

Event by Wayne Stickel


Recognising and accepting a disability is a crucial step towards a more fulfilling life, not only for individuals with disabilities but also for their families and society at large. It can pave the way for improved mental health, self-esteem, opportunities for growth and better relationships, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive and compassionate world. 

This event explores the repercussions of not accepting disability in more detail and considers how it is possible for individuals to become more accepting of disability to minimise or avoid these consequences. You will discover that the more we polish and transform our relationship with Aspects of Being such as authenticity, vulnerability, responsibility, fear, anxiety and self-expression, along with others like courage, freedom and empowerment, the more we become accepting of our disability, leading to a life of fulfilment and joy.

As someone who has made his own journey from denial to acceptance, Wayne Stickel sheds light and shows in practical ways,  how to come to terms with your disability, discard ways of thinking that no longer serve you, and embark on a pathway from frustration to acceptance and freedom.



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