Thrive Coach Training
15 weeks

Register now and join the Engenesis Coach Academy Thrive Coach Training Program to train as a powerful ontological coach and learn how to use the CARE Coaching Model while integrating Engenesis Transformation technology and the Being Profile® in your coaching practice. 

This program is designed for both existing and experienced coaches as well as those new coaches, who want to powerfully impact their clients while developing a thriving coaching practice. 

This transformational program encompasses:

• The theoretical and applied aspects of ontological coaching.

• How to consistently produce transformative results with your clients.

• The practical side of building a thriving coaching practice.

• How to find, engage and retain clients.

• How to integrate both the Engenesis Transformation methodology and the Being Profile® into your coaching practice.

The training encompasses a minimum of 60 hours of coach training including weekly 3 hour on line workshops over 15 consecutive weeks. The Engenesis Coach Academy Thrive Coach Training Program covers each of the 31 key Aspects of Being outlined in the Being Profile®. The training also includes four additional half-day Master Classes which take a highly practical slant and provide greater opportunities to apply the techniques and methodologies being taught.

In addition to ontological training, the Engenesis Coach Academy Thrive Coach Training Program explores the various elements essential to a building a sustainable and successful coaching practice, including client engagement, set up, coaching agreements, contracting, effective networking, coach conduct, transitioning, push back, etc.

All Coach Training sessions and workshops are led by highly experienced ontological coaches with many years of coaching and training experience. 

Participants also engage in personal fortnightly 1:1 ontological coaching sessions with Thrive Master Coach and program facilitators for further enhancing their personal and professional growth and transformation as well as observed, supervised coaching sessions.

Graduates of the Engenesis Coach Academy Thrive Coach Training Program are supported and encouraged to complete the relevant number of coaching hours to achieve Certified, Accredited or Master Thrive Coach levels of certification. 

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3 ratings



Atty Sharaf

15:50 Mar 12, 2024


I enrolled in Thrive coach training with the aim of positively influencing my new colleagues by offering them pro bono coaching sessions. Initially, I believed that the program would enhance my credibility as a coach among both colleagues and potential clients. However, I soon realized that building internal credibility with myself was the true key. The course presented numerous challenges and confrontations that prompted deep self-reflection. I unearthed insights into my relationship with fear and its profound impact on my life. This newfound awareness empowered me to break through my fear of failure, leading me to accomplish a long-standing dream of learning how to ride a motorbike. Despite harbouring this aspiration since my teenage years, fear had hindered my pursuit. Overcoming this fear not only demonstrated to myself that I could tackle seemingly insurmountable challenges but also enabled me to embrace self-forgiveness for mistakes, fostering a newfound sense of freedom and peace of mind. Remarkably, the positive effects extended beyond my personal achievements. The breakthrough significantly influenced my confidence, reinforcing my ability to trust and back myself. Additionally, it transformed my approach to assertiveness, allowing me to freely express myself even in moments of upset.

Manvinder Randhawa

21:27 Mar 07, 2024


Thrive coaching program has deepened my knowledge about all the aspects of being that have supported me in my growth as a leader as well as a coach. The breakthroughs one experiences through the ontological approach to coaching is something that cannot be undone. I also immensely value the partnerships i created with my co-participants on the program.

Jeanette Mundy

17:16 Jan 31, 2024


Thrive coach training program is a deep dive coaching program which is a transformational ontological approach to coaching. What I love about coaching programs that don't tell you how to 'be' but gives the trainee coach, or returning coach (if you've undertaken other coaching approaches) many opportunities within the program to transform, then through that self-transformation become a more polished transformational coach who can then go out there and support others to transform. In this program you will work at a deeper level beyond surface level behaviours which looks at how people are 'being' and what is DRIVING their behaviours. You will be learning by doing. The program will support you as a coach get to the heart of what's going on for your clients and enable you to become more powerful in your approach. I highly recommend Thrive Coach training to anyone who wants to become a coach, or wants an approach that gets below the surface.

Thrive Coach Training

Thrive Coach Training - Feb 2024

Weekly Sessions, Friday (8 a.m. - 11 a.m. AEST)

$7,700AUD (INC. GST)

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