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Being Framework™ Leadership Foundations

Being Framework™ Leadership Foundations

5 rating(2 Reviews)
70 students

Course by Engenesis

Being Framework™ Leadership Foundations

Being Framework Leadership Course (Complimentary)
5 rating(2 Reviews)
70 students

Course by Engenesis

Text and audio available in English

This complimentary course is an ongoing project in 2024, with episodes added each week.

It is designed to challenge and reshape the prevalent attitudes and discussions surrounding leadership, a concept that, despite its common usage, is often not deeply comprehended and often bastardised. Our primary objective is to strip away the complexities surrounding leadership, transforming it into a concept that is approachable and comprehensible for a broad audience. In doing so, we aim to guide you in laying a robust foundation for effective leadership, whether it be in your personal life, within your team, or in the broader context of your business.

By empowering you with this conception of leadership, we aspire not only to enhance your personal and professional growth but also to generate a ripple effect in society. Our vision is that through this course, we'll significantly cut down on inefficiencies and misunderstandings that are prevalent in many organisations and communities. We believe that fostering effectiveness and leadership will lead to a more fulfilled and productive society, where resources are utilised optimally, there is less wastage and there is greater well-being.

What we are aiming to go through in this leadership course

  • Share insights and findings from the study and exposure to thousands of leaders and real-life cases
  • To challenge the prevailing understanding of leadership which is often bastardised or watered down
  • Make leadership accessible to a wider audience, supporting them to establish a solid leadership foundation in their lives, teams, or organisations so that we reduce wastage in society and promote greater fulfilment and well-being
  • Discuss a range of leadership-related topics from the lens of the Being Framework

Key Objectives

  • You will develop a more accurate conception of what leadership is, and what leadership is not, by understanding alternative ways to relate to leadership
  • You will be able to identify how you are being a leader within your own life, and/or work, and raise your awareness about your own leadership
  • You will identify opportunities to transform and elevate your leadership to new levels
  • You will develop an understanding of what makes up effectiveness for human beings, and how you can apply this in areas that you care about
  • You will be able to develop a lens to read human beings in general, across a range of situations

This course is for you if you:

  • want to gain an in-depth understanding of human beings, including yourself
  • want to transform your ability to read and understand people and be more effective in your decision-making that involves them, whether in the scope of families, teams, partnerships, communities, businesses or organisations
  • would like to have a framework that not only allows you to see yourself with sharp clarity but also offers you a way to see through the surface of other people so you can understand them better, especially when making key decisions that impact or involve others.
  • feel it’s insufficient to keep acquiring more knowledge, skills, tools and resources and want to explore a whole-person approach to transformation and fulfilment
  • know something needs to change but don’t know where to start
  • believe there is a way to radically increase the probability of fulfilling your intentions but don’t know how to cause the paradigm shift to become the person you know you can be
  • are tired of thinking you’ll never succeed in life or that you’re destined to be the way you are and have no choice but to accept that
  • want to transform the trajectory of your life by identifying your growth potential and addressing the gaps holding you back
  • feel stuck or suppressed in your expression of self

You could be any of the following:

  • A stay-at-home parent, dedicated to nurturing your children's development,
  • A professional seeking deeper insights into your field,
  • An entrepreneur charting new territories in business,
  • A team leader or manager, recognising the value of understanding people,
  • A C-level executive or director, aiming to enhance organisational dynamics,
  • An artist, politician, educator, or government official, striving to make an impact in your sphere

We are devoted to ensuring that this series of conversations is valuable and enriching for you.

What you will learn:

Module 1

Challenging the definition of leadership: The three key elements

Integrity of our Being, Ontology, Phenomenology and the Being Framework

Fulfilling Your Intentions as a Leader - Awareness, Integrity and Effectiveness

How Do We See Matters in Life - The Exposure Triangle

How to Gauge the Way You Are (Being)

How Leaders Own the Shadows of Others and Leverage Forgiveness

Various Leadership Styles vs Multidimensional Leadership

Moods - Modes of States of Mind - and Leadership

Authenticity and Leadership

The Origin and the Usage of the Being Profile - Part 1

The Origin and the Usage of the Being Profile - Part 2

Being Profile and the Process of Self-Discovery

Transformation Methodology - Unpacking the Process of Transformation

Groundwork Module Recap

Groundwork Module Announcement

Module 2

The Complexity Conundrum: How We Avoid Root Causes

Key Qualities that Matter Part 1: Getting the 'Right' People Onboard

Key Qualities that Matter Part 2: Building Strong Teams and Partnerships

Key Qualities that Matter Pt 3: Effectively Choosing Your Team

Key Qualities that Matter Pt 4: Visible Behaviours

The Myth of Work-Life Balance

Why Transformational Leadership is Important

The Role of Empathy and Compassion in Leadership

Decision Making in Leadership, Balancing Logic and Intuition

Leading Through Crisis: Strategies for Resilience and Adaptability

Visionary Leadership: Turning Ideas into Reality

Human Beings and Our Relationship with Digital Tools and Technology


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