Venture Building Start-Up
4 weeks

The Venture Building Start-Up Program (VBSU) utilises components of the Genesis Framework™ to support startups in their traction and scale. It is an application-based 4-week program involving 4 x 90-min weekly interactive sessions with the potential to be assessed for co-investment.

The Genesis Framework™ is an all-encompassing framework that allows entrepreneurial business leaders like you to know the exact stage of venture you are in and drive your business or project to the next stage.

Objectives of the program

You'll become introduced to the Genesis Framework™ and use it to self-assess your own company. This will provide you unique insights into how investors view and assess your venture, as well as allow you to identify the gaps that can impact how you plan its growth.

What is involved?

You'll be immersed in the ontological venture building framework that is the Genesis Framework™ through the weekly sessions over the course of 4 weeks. These are conducted through live and interactive zoom sessions with a cohort of high-potential founders.

Areas you will cover

  • Understanding key drivers of product growth
  • Scalable sales and marketing
  • Business model and financial viability of the product
  • Human capital, performance and team culture
  • Capital raising insights



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AdamMuhammed Muhideen
Adam Muhammed Muhideen

16:22 Jul 19, 2023


I had the privilege of participating in the Engenesis Venture Building Start-Up Program, and I must say it was a transformative experience. The program provided a structured and supportive environment that allowed me to refine and validate my business idea. The mentors and experts involved in the program were incredibly knowledgeable and provided invaluable guidance and feedback throughout the journey. Engenesis helped me build a solid foundation for my start-up, from ideation to market validation, business modelling, and pitching. The hands-on workshops and practical exercises enabled me to develop essential skills and insights into the start-up ecosystem. One of the highlights of the program was the opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs. The sense of community and camaraderie among participants fostered a collaborative and innovative atmosphere, where we could learn from each other's experiences and challenges.

Rafiatu Adam

15:32 Jul 19, 2023


Engenesis Venture Building Start-up Program is a transformative experience that provides aspiring entrepreneurs with comprehensive knowledge, mentorship, and hands-on opportunities. The program's supportive and collaborative environment fosters creativity and empowers participants to turn their ideas into reality. Highly recommended for those looking to embark on an exciting journey of innovation and growth.

Venture Building Start-Up

Venture Building Start-Up Program - 17 January 2024

Wed 8pm - 9.30pm AEST


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