Engenesis Influence Leadership
12 weeks
Engenesis Influence Leadership
12 weeks

Engenesis Influence Leadership

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About this Program

As a leader in an organisation, you want and need to be effective, to implement positive change, address conflict constructively and grow your team and team culture successfully. But often you find yourself in many challenging situations where you may not be able to identify exactly how to develop your leadership and increase your performance. Further, you may experience your or your teams’ performance not going the way you intended, and not knowing how to respond.

The Engenesis Influence™ Leadership Program provides a transformational process where the participants will be developing their leadership capabilities to the next level by adopting the Being Framework™ and leveraging the Being Profile® in challenging business scenarios. If you’re interested to learn more about how the Being Framework™ works, particularly in the case of its application within the workplace and organisations including specific case studies, please click here.

The Being Framework Transformation Methodology™ is a rigorous and structured approach to transforming your Being and resultant performance. You will be learning to apply the methodology in the context of effective leadership, team building and performance and make real changes to your results and the way you experience life. You will be taken through the building blocks of being of influence and how to transform your leadership capabilities to the next level. 

The Being Profile® lays the ground for a person’s transformation to take place. By leveraging the Being Profile® assessment tool you will learn how to transform your habitual ways of Being that stop you from fulfilling your intentions. In the process, you will precisely identify where your relationship to reality is distorted. For instance, your relationship to authenticity, vulnerability, commitment, responsibility and so on. Once you transform your relationship to reality in regard to these Aspects of Being, you will gain a profound level of understanding about how you operate as a human being, and also transform how you relate to others in and out of your organisation. 

Through our extensive studies and experience collaborating with numerous leaders and organisations, a recurring insight emerged: despite proficiency in their respective fields, many possess limited knowledge about human dynamics. This program serves as both a reflective mirror, offering you the opportunity to gain profound self-awareness, and a clarifying lens, enhancing your understanding of others. By honing these insights, you'll be empowered to make more informed decisions when working with individuals and adeptly cultivate a unified team culture.

What will be covered in the Program? 

The program covers common business and team challenges, consistently bringing it back to your leadership style. It covers key topics such as:

    Building a common language around leadership and performance in a way that team members engage with

    Powerfully dealing with difficult situations that many tend to avoid and as a result increase business profitability

    Maintaining emotional resilience and confident decision making under stress and time pressures

    Raising the standards of performance that is driven throughout the team, rather than imposed by management

    How to develop high performing teams by implementing a team culture that supports collaboration and innovation 

    Unlocking teams that are stuck in conflict and rebuilding trust

    Program Participants

    This program speaks to the leader who is ready to authentically look at themselves and challenge what doesn’t work to break through to the next level of their effectiveness. It is designed to benefit professionals who are responsible for teams such as:

    Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Managers, Team Leaders and Aspiring Team Leaders

    Our Promise and your Commitment

    Our program is designed to deliver an disproportional level of value to our clients and requires your active engagement and genuine curiosity to explore the profound dimensions of your deeper aspects of being to unlock the full potential of this journey. Our commitment is that, by fully immersing yourself in this enriching program, you will elevate your leadership skills to a distinctly tangible and demonstrable new level. 

    Program Structure

    As an active participant in this exceptional program, you are destined to redefine your role as a leader, gradually unveiling the true essence of authentic and influential leadership. This comprehensive and immersive 12-week program will take you through a process of discovery, application and practice, including the Being Framework Transformation Methodology™, alongside other leaders and those committed to addressing the problems in the world starting with themselves and their team.

    The material provided as part of this program may be directly applicable in your workplace, ensuring immediate relevance.

    Program Requirements

    To enrol in the Engenesis Influence Leadership program we are asking you for the following: 

    1. Completed your personal Being Profile® and completed a debrief session with a Being Profile® Accredited Practitioner
    2. Commit to undertaking the whole Influence Leadership program 
    3. Work with your assigned buddy to support each other in this journey 

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    Engenesis Influence Leadership

    There is no instance of this program running

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