Being Profile Accreditation
2 days

If you are a coach, business leader, recruiter or HR manager who wants to get the most out of your clients or team, then you may be interested in learning more about accreditation in using and debriefing the Being Profile®.

By becoming an Accredited Practitioner of the Being Profile®, you’ll join a global community of coaches and leaders breaking past facades and breaking through to greater performance.

Course Name: Being Profile® Accreditation Program

Duration: 2 x full days (Or equivalent over 3 days)

Formats: In-person (Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra), live online, arranged in-house for your organisation

Prerequisite: Being Profile® assessment and debrief

What You Get as a Being Profile® Accredited Practitioner

• How to accurately, powerfully and consistently debrief the Being Profile®.

• How to support someone during and following the debrief process.

Once you are an Accredited Practitioner:

• You will be able to issue profiles to others & receive alerts as profiles are completed.

• Have access to coaching support & be able to attend regular refresher sessions.

• Participate in masterclass workshops and be part of a very exclusive cohort of individuals committed to developing others.

• You’ll receive certification as well as a Being Profile® Accredited Practitioner Badge. You may display the valid accreditation badge on your website or social media profile, e.g. LinkedIn profile, as long as valid accreditation is maintained.


Being Profile Accreditation

Being Profile Accreditation Program - 13, 14 & 21 of June 2024

13, 14 & 21st of June - 8:00 AM (AU TIME ZONE)

$3,300AUD (INC. GST)

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