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Several years ago, we encountered an overwhelming demand from entrepreneurs, business leaders, coaches and consultants who were deeply passionate and committed to positively impacting their clients. 

However, they faced a significant challenge: the need to more effectively commercialise their services. This was crucial for ensuring sustainability in serving their clients and for generating stronger market demand for their high-value services.

Some were earlier stage coaches and consultants who told us:

  • Is it even possible to make a full time income as a coach or in my business?

  • I’ve tried lots of different methods, but I am not getting enough clients

  • While I really am committed, there are a series of doubts and hesitations that keep holding me back

Others were actually quite experienced, and they told us:

  • I seemed to have hit a ceiling for what I can charge

  • I know I could be working with higher-caliber clients, but I’m not sure how to go about it

  • I do have clients, but I’m working too much for what it is all work

To address this, we took our unique framework called the "Genesis Framework". 

This framework is the culmination of insights gathered from our extensive experience and data collected through interviews, surveys, and direct engagements with over 2,400 innovative companies. 

We distilled this in a way that can apply to growing a coaching or consulting business.

And we engineered it in a “slow burn” way that would allow any coach or consultant to understand the reality of what it REALLY takes to build a profitable, sustainable and thriving practice.

What do we go through in the program?

You will be provided with a breakdown of each integral component of a successful business. This means that no matter what stage you’re at, you’ll be able to clearly identify the pieces to address to level up your business.

This includes the selection of the market you’ll work with, your messaging, generating leads in a way that contributes massively, authentic selling.

Who is it for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Leaders within businesses and organisations
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Speakers
  • Experts

How does it work? 

You will engage in a 3-week rotation.

In week 1, there is a 90 minute live zoom session with the entire cohort. Here, we’ll walk through the distinctions, models or practices that we’ve found works.

Quick note, we don’t offer recordings of these sessions as they are not just informational. We support you to look at how you are BEING as a coach, consultant and/or entrepreneur, and invite you to shift your entire paradigm at how you’re looking at the entire situation.

In week 2, there is a 60m live zoom Application Session. This is where you will have the opportunity to workshop in a hot seat way the hard questions you’re facing in your business. 

For example:

  • Need help with your current messaging? 

  • Need to adjust your website?

  • Want to generate more leads?

  • Trying to close your next client? 

  • Want to know the best way to price? 

You can bring these questions and they will get answered in a live workshop arrangement. These sessions are recommended but optional to attend as you wish and need.

In week 3, there is no official session, so most work with their allocated buddy to go through the assignments. Each assignment is designed to generate direct impact in your business.

What results have others received?

Of course, please be responsible to know that everyone who joins comes in at a different pre-existing level and put in varying amount of commitment, so results can differ.

However, to give you an idea:

  • One participant closed an $11,000 sale that gave her double the return back from the program in one go

  • Many in the program reported that they charged the highest amounts for coaching or consulting than they ever had before (however the amazing part for them was how they felt great about it, their clients felt great about it, and it didn’t feel forced)

  • Some participants share how they realised they were working with clients in too short of a capacity. Instead of working with clients for a few months, they started to be able to generate 12 month+ clientele

  • One participant started running a group/program version of what they were doing, rather than only working one on one, allowing them to bring ing $17,000 - $20,000 for about one tenth of the hours of input

  • Some people stated that the biggest win for them was actually just feeling so great in their own skin, as they could generate leads and win sales in a way that was an authentic self expression and a form of their care for their clients, rather than being pushy, manipulative or coercive.

What do I need to get started?

Once you place your deposit, you will be contacted for a very brief interview session. This will ensure your business and stage of development is a match for the program and all your expectations are responsibly set.




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MarkusO. Winzer
Markus O. Winzer

11:03 Mar 07, 2024


The program, which I participated in twice is a true masterpiece in the market. It is not your usual business or sales course. It is run by Ariya who has a wealth of experience in building and growing businesses. The program supported me in shifting from being a successful sales account manager in the corporate world, who thought he knew it all, especially in sales to a business owner who developed a true understanding and the application of what it means to be an entrepreneur. I tripled my client base and revenue over 12 months - empowering one client for example to 10x his business performance and results. The most valuable piece I discovered in the course was to identify where I truly can add value like no one else in the market and at the same time is my unique expression and contribution. This is the perfect course for anyone who wants to learn how to authentically grow and build a business on the side or full-time.


03:16 Nov 01, 2023


By structuring and giving meaning to each key component of an ontological entrepreneurship, the Elevate program has given me insight to the mechanisms of empathy, authenticity and purpose, which are crucial factors when creating value in today’s world. The teachings and templates in this programs are my “go tos” every time I need to assess my work, or set up new strategies or goals for me and my business. This training has prepared me to have the conversations, test my assumptions and build trust in a way that I can serve others and sustain myself. A must for anyone wanting to unlock the inner mechanisms of purposeful and successful growth.

Georgia Yiannikas

10:38 Oct 13, 2023


A business development program like no other led by an amazing educator and facilitator Ariya Chittasy and surrounded by a wonderful supportive community. Very grateful to have begun a discovery and transformational journey travelling a path of authentically leading my coaching business venture empowering me to wholeheartedly offer my unique being and contribution in serving others and to make a difference. The priceless practical concepts shared and applied I will carry with me as I continue living my true calling and purpose and growing my coaching venture. Thank you!

Aydin Yassemi

19:57 Oct 05, 2023


The Elevate Program was a blessing for me, which came at the right time, especially as it was coupled with the Being Mastery Program. The topics were not particularly new for me, as I had the experience of starting a few small businesses and I was familiar with a few business development approaches and models. But the Elevate Program has key characteristics and distinctions that differentiate it from other business development approaches, and which were particularly helpful for me: 1- An authentic entrepreneurial paradigm – Ontological Venture Building – that looks at business as the self-expression of our unique being, in service to the burning pains of customers, in authentic connection with self and others as human beings (and not just looking for what makes more money). 2- The Core Value Quadrant was the most helpful part of the program, as it really helped me get clarity around what I really care about, whom I wanted to serve and what I intended to offer. 3- The Six Layers of Entrepreneurial Contribution really integrated everything we learned and has been most helpful in pinpointing what I need to focus on. 4- Ariya’s unique way of delivering the program is great. The way each session is structured and delivered, the interactive discussions and sharing of experiences, the timing between the sessions, the buddy arrangement, the application sessions, and the highly practical challenges are all what makes this program so effective and valuable.

The Elevate

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