Wayne Stickel - Well-Being and Effectiveness Leadership Coach ► Integrate all of you to be effective in fulfilling on your calling ► Intensify your Effectiveness-Amplify your Impact-Magnify your Message-Accelerate your Mission
Wayne Stickel

Wayne Stickel

Well-Being and Effectiveness Leadership Coach ► Integrate all of you to be effective in fulfilling on your calling ► Intensify your Effectiveness-Amplify your Impact-Magnify your Message-Accelerate your Mission


Around 80% of 1 billion people worldwide, live with a hidden or invisible disability.

Not all disabilities and health challenges (physical, mental or neurological) are visible. Hundreds of recognised conditions are defined as a disability because they significantly impact daily life.  However, as they are not apparent to the external observer, the sufferer often keeps the condition and the challenges it creates hidden. Many also struggle to accept their disability, which can lead to serious problems, both for themselves and the people around them.

As someone who lives with and, for a long time, struggled to accept his hidden disability, a rare type of Spina Bifida, Wayne is on a mission to raise individual and collective awareness and perceptions of disability, visible or not.


Passionate about supporting people’s wellbeing through preventative mental health

Wayne is passionate about empowering individuals living with disabilities to accept who they are and uncover previously unseen pathways to personal and professional fulfilment. Through his business, Mighty Ability, Wayne offers group guided coaching that specialises in helping people with disabilities realise their best life. He has also partnered with major NGOs, such as Anglicare, to run wellbeing programs supporting people with low-intensity mental health issues.

Wayne knows first-hand what it’s like to experience life-altering health conditions and what it takes to move forward and succeed.

The people, organisations and communities Wayne supports benefit from his empathy and personal experience with the issues they face. His early personal struggles to own and accept his invisible disability led to a host of unhealthy choices and challenging outcomes, including alcoholism, divorce and deteriorating health. Having done the work to turn his life around, he knows what works and what doesn’t when working with others.

Some companies Wayne has worked with

Wayne’s personal and professional development journey is diverse and spans over four decades.

Wayne has successfully broken through his challenges, and the results speak for themselves. In addition to his success in the corporate and social enterprise sectors, he has built a business aligned with his vision and mission and has coached leaders, teams and community groups for more than ten years with outstanding results. It has taught him the most effective ways to not only deal with unique conditions such as the one he lives with daily but thrive and live a life of fulfilment.

25+ years demonstrated leadership success in the corporate sector and 10+ years coaching experience

As national sales manager for a large IT company, Wayne successfully built and led sales teams and was responsible for an annual revenue of $25 million.  As an experienced coach, Wayne has worked with leaders in executive and middle management roles and their teams to build and nurture strong relationships through a proven framework that focuses on how they are being. 


- Cert IV Frontline Management - Miller Heiman Strategic Sales - Integrity and Values Accreditation - Re-Evaluation Co-counselling - Landmark TMLP Team 2 graduate

The need for specialised coaching and support for people living with disability is on the rise.

Wayne is acutely aware of the high number of people living with disability who lack the support they need and deserve. His vision is to grow a community of coaches with the experience, knowledge, empathy and passion to support people on the NDIS. In this way, he hopes to bridge the gap between disability and ability, individually and collectively.

Personal life

Wayne is guided in life by his faith and is a proud father of three young adults. He enjoys spending time in nature, fishing, kayaking and other water sports.
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