Being Mastery
33 weeks

Developing a Whole New Conception of Reality

As a participant in this unique program, you will completely transform your relationship with and conception of reality itself. Run over twelve months, you will be taken through a process of discovery, application and practice, including the Being Framework Transformation Methodology™, alongside other changemakers, leaders and those committed to addressing the problems in the world starting with themselves and their community.

This program has a series of prerequisites and participation is by invitation only. Register your interest below, and our team will contact you to provide more information about the pathway to join the program.




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Jeanette Mundy

11:02 Jan 22, 2024


In amongst the 'messiness' of life there is one constant, the ability to discern between what is real and what is not, including but not limited to the conversations we have and all the content we immerse ourselves in. Being Mastery is a program for people who are interested in having deep philosophical conversations that pull back the lens to interrogate all the "meta content" beneath surface level content we so often skim glance at and get caught up in, AND judge ourselves by. This program has literally taken me from perceiving to truth seeking, so that I can now form more accurate interpretations, and more wisely choose my responses to things I'm taking in. By the end of the program I experienced freedom and no longer "get in my own way". One of the things I wanted to 'get' was to have the courage to speak up on matters that are important to me, to come from an angle of authenticity and courage, to honour my autonomy to speak up. I achieved that, and much more. It's hard to describe all that the Being Mastery program gives a person, but to be sure it is transformable, confronting, and enables a person to exercise their inner leader, and have a far greater level of awareness of all matters! Something that might not otherwise be actualised.

Aydin Yassemi

02:56 Jan 01, 2024


In a world overwhelmed with new content and in the age of data explosion, it is so refreshing to reflect back on the basics and the much overlooked common sense. This is what the Being Mastery Program does well, by working at the level of "meta content", as Ashkan puts it. The program helped me take out any preconceived notion, and be open to a new way of "receiving - perceiving - conceiving", towards authentic awareness. I loved the exercises and weekly challenges, the discussions during the sessions, the movie suggestions and the reflection on everyday matters in society with a higher level of awareness. It is a truly transformative program.

Jacqueline Hofste

15:59 Dec 08, 2023


The Being Master program offers a profoundly engaging and inspirational experience, guiding participants to a heightened understanding and profound connection with the essence of their deeper human qualities. It facilitates a true path to transformation to reveal hidden levels of fulfillment. I wholeheartedly recommend this program for students prepared to embrace the broader and more profound dimensions of life. It is an enriching journey that goes far beyond the surface, inviting individuals to explore the depths of their existence, relationship with the world and unlocks untapped potentials for an empowering and meaningful life.

Louise Smallwood

13:34 Dec 11, 2021


The Being Mastery program is amazing and delivers exactly as promised. It takes you through a process of enquiry, discovery, application and practice, including a deep dive into the Being Framework Transformation Methodology™. You get to explore ontology at a whole different level and at the same time develop life long relationships with a wonderful group of coaches and business leaders.

Being Mastery

Being Mastery Feb 2024

Thu Evenings (Syd Time)

$17,600AUD (INC. GST)

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Being Mastery

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