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Being Profile® Self-Discovery Course

Being Profile® Self-Discovery Course

5 rating(9 Reviews)
139 students

Course by Engenesis


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Being Profile® Self-Discovery Course

How well do you really understand yourself? Your understanding of yourself impacts almost everything you do in life. Every decision you make and every conversation you have are impacted by how well you understand yourself. Embark on an enriching journey of self-discovery with The Being Profile Self-Discovery Course. The course will assist you in gaining clarity and a fresh perspective on how we operate as human beings. This newfound insight will transform your understanding of yourself and others.
5 rating(9 Reviews)
139 students

Course by Engenesis

Text and audio available in English

Join thousands of people who use the Being Profile® to better understand themselves and support their next transformation.

The Being Profile® has been used by professional coaches, leaders and managers across government, corporate, not-for-profit and other organisations to uncover a person’s unique Aspects of Being and their opportunities for new levels of personal performance. Through the Being Profile Self-Discovery Course, it is now accessible to you in a self-directed and easy-to-access way.

The Being Profile® is the official assessment tool of the Being Framework™, the first-ever framework for how humans 'ARE BEING' in the world. This original work has revolutionised how leaders approach producing results in their workplaces and beyond. Instead of office politics and facades, thousands of people are now leading their organisations and communities with qualities such as authenticity, integrity, responsibility, commitment, reliability and assertiveness.  

With your access to the Being Profile Self-Discovery Course, you will have the opportunity to complete your very own Being Profile. This is the same profile that has been used in over 39 countries with thousands of people. This will give you a real-time snapshot of how you are being and where you can immediately focus to transform your effectiveness and leadership.

What you will learn:

Module 1


Welcome and overview

What to expect from the course

Origins of the Being Framework

Why is it different from the other approaches

Practical ways to apply the Being Framework and the Being Profile

How to get the best out of the course

Module 2


Core Components of the Being Framework

Ontological Model of the Being Framework

The Fulfilment Pyramid

Interview with Ashkan Tashvir (Optional)

Completing Your Own Being Profile

Show More


BusinessLeadershipEmpowermentCommunicationEffectivenessOntologyCoachingRelationshipsTrustConfidenceAwarenessIntegrityVulnerabilityCareFearAnxietyAuthenticityResponsibilityTeam CultureHigh PerformanceTransformation



4 ratings



James Valadez

15:34 Jan 31, 2024


I found the Being Profile course to be so impactful to me in my personal and professional development. I learned the factors that influence my decisions and choices and also how the ways of being influence the manner in which I forge and grow my personal relationships and business partnerships. With the skills I have learned, I can go beyond guessing my "gut" feelings, and address difficult decisions and have challenging conversations with goal of achieving a realistic solution. I have recommended the course to friends, family members and individuals within my professional network who seek to improve their own leadership skills within their companies, and also their effectiveness at work or home. My only wish is that I would have had access to this information and knowledge much earlier in my entrepreneurial journey—I would encourage all founders and business owners to take this course—it could save you years (and countless dollars) in frustration and uncertainty.

Uyinmwen TracyEhigiator
Uyinmwen Tracy Ehigiator

20:51 Dec 19, 2023


Me knowing my self with this course has been a blessing, it has help sharped my human relationship and reactions to humanity adversity. Thanks for the knowledge. ❤️

Jutta Klipsch

15:18 Aug 09, 2023


I have just finished the Self-Discovery Course and loved it. It gave me so much more clarity about myself and how I was being and why in certain areas of my life I was feeling stuck and frustrated. By answering the self-reflective questions I gained many insights and awareness about myself and where I was having an unhealthy relationship with some aspects of my Being and how it stopped me to move forward; especially my unhealthy relationship with responsibility, authenticity, partnership and contribution. I was impressed by the professionality and the speakers expressing themselves clearly and without fluff. If you want to start or continue your self-discovery journey - this program is such a great and impactful resource!

Karen Lye

21:14 Aug 06, 2023


Enrolling in the course on self-learning, awareness, goals, authenticity, and the importance of being real has been a truly transformative experience that exceeded all my expectations. This empowering journey of self-discovery has not only opened my eyes to new possibilities but also allowed me to embrace my authentic self with confidence and purpose. Right from the start, the course created a warm and supportive environment, inviting me to explore the depths of my inner self fearlessly. The instructor's expertise and genuine passion for personal development shone through their insightful guidance and unwavering support. Their empathy made me feel understood, and I was inspired to delve deeper into self-awareness. Ultimately, the course delved into the art of self-learning, encouraging a growth mindset that values curiosity and continuous improvement. The practical self-learning techniques provided have been invaluable in expanding my knowledge and skills, both personally and professionally. It has guided me towards greater self-awareness, allowed me to set meaningful goals, and ignited the courage to embrace my true self unapologetically. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone seeking personal growth, fulfillment, and a deeper connection to their authentic self. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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