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The Influential Tech Leader

The Influential Tech Leader

If you’re a tech leader who wants to have a bigger voice and more influence on decisions and people in your organisation, this workshop is for you. “The Influential Tech Leader” will equip you to have greater impact and credibility with your colleagues, stakeholders and customers so you can be more effective and successful.

Event by Caroline New


Are you a senior tech leader who wants to have more impact and influence?

Do you have opinions and ideas to share, but often struggle to be heard or to impact the agenda the way you want to? Are you sometimes disregarded or overlooked by others within your organisation, or do you feel out of your depth when it comes to getting the best results from your people?

If you’d like to feel more valued and respected by your colleagues and peers – to be more influential – this workshop will help you understand what’s getting in the way of your influence and how to turn it around. We’ll ‘get real’ about what contributes to influence and show how who you’re being in any situation has the biggest impact on how influential you are.

“The Influential Tech Leader” will help build your awareness about the roles that Integrity, Authenticity, Care and Vulnerability play in developing Influence, and give you specific strategies to enhance your effectiveness in each of these areas. 

Once you start to apply this approach in your work and in your life, you’ll have greater access to personal power, enabling you to weather any storm and be influential in any situation.

Workshop Outline:

  • Role Models for Influential Leadership - We consider what made other high-profile achievers influential
  • The Building Blocks of Influence - My formula for Influence - Integrity + Authenticity + a healthy relationship with Care and Vulnerability
  • Measuring Your Being - Introduce the Being Profile and unpack the distinctions of Integrity, Authenticity, Care and Vulnerability
  • Access to Power - Addressing what gets in the way
  • Next Steps - Sign up for a chat or a Being Profile



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Aug 7, 2024

12:00 PM - 01:30 PM



Live online on Zoom

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