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Let's Get Real Workshop

Let's Get Real Workshop

Where do you need a breakthrough in your relationships? What is it REALLY going to take?

Event by John Smallwood


Join this Interactive Half-Day Workshop if You are Interested in Causing a Breakthrough in your Leadership.

What would it be like if you could transform and elevate your leadership to a whole new level?

How would that impact your career, your business, your earning potential and life in general?

What if you could clearly distinguish and address what is getting in the way?

Have you hit a ceiling in your career? Are you stuck? What will it take to reach a whole new level.

Transformational coaches John Smallwood and Lucy Faulconer will guide you through this intensive workshop dedicated to support you in GETTING REAL about what it will take to break through this pattern and bring about a paradigm shift in your influence, performance and leadership.

Hear the Experience of Others from the Workshop

"What I got out of today for myself was inspiration, freedom, being irrepressible and unstoppable." "I attended this event thinking that it would be more like a lecture...but it turned out to be a very open and candid discussion between different people about what it takes to achieve what we really want from life."

"It helped me to see that there are so many people grappling with similar issues that I am currently working on. It felt like a community of peers and friends getting together on a Saturday morning and having a conversation about important things in life and cheering each other on." "The value I got from the workshop was getting clear on my intentions and ensuring my intentions turn into success by looking at my relationship with reality by putting in accountability and fulfilment structures."

"I got a lot of value from applying this "let's get real" approach including the practical use of structures, through the lens of our being vulnerable and courageous."

An Intense 4-Hour Participative Workshop to Access Real and Profound Transformation

In this 4-hour live, online session you will uncover and get real around those key areas in your life that are getting in the way of you achieving what you most want. The areas that you know will make the biggest difference to you and where most experience staying stuck. There are no quick fixes or magic bullets; instead this is a unique opportunity to get real and create a breakthrough!

How to Prepare Yourself for the Event

- Remember that no one can GIVE YOU transformation - YOU will need to do the work! - Come to the workshop willing to authentically work on yourself with the support of others. No bystanders! No observers! - All participants will connect ON-camera with others and confront what there is to confront. Again, it will be a highly interactive and supportive yet confronting environment.

Facilitators with Decades of Experience Coaching CEOs, Business Leaders, and Leadership Teams in Organisations Around the World, While Training Many Other Coaches to Do the Same.

John is the Director and Coach Principal of the Engenesis Coach Academy, a Thrive Master Coach, facilitator and coach trainer as well as a Being Profile Accredited Practitioner and assessor. He is also a highly experienced corporate executive, management consultant and high-performance leadership coach with over 30 years of experience in the corporate world ranging from founding a number of start-ups through to engagements as CEO of listed enterprises. He has successfully led and managed businesses with turnover up to and in excess of $US250 million in Europe, Australia, and throughout Asia. John is based in Sydney, Australia.

Lucy is the General Manager of Being Profile. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Organisational Psychology and has over ten years of experience working with a broad range of leaders and organisations as a management consultant, trainer and coach and has thrived supporting large corporations shift their results through strategy, leadership and culture transformations. She is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF), a certified Ontological Coach with The Newfield Network, an IECL Certified Coach, a certified Engenesis Thrive Coach and Facilitator, and a Being Profile Accredited Practitioner and assessor. Lucy is based in Santiago, Chile


Are there any prerequisites? No, this workshop is open to anyone and has no prerequisites. Is there any preparation required for the event? No, you can attend the event without preparing anything as everything will be covered within the event. Should you wish, you may think about areas that you would like to work on leading up to the event. Is the event in person or online? The event is held online over a live zoom call. Is the event live or recorded? The event is a live and interactive experience. Do I have to have my camera and audio on? Yes, it is a requirement of the workshop that you attend fully attentive and ready to interact with other participants. Will I be sold anything at the event? No, this event is solely focused on workshopping what you truly care about, identifying what is in the way, and facilitating your personal breakthrough in that area. Do I need to know any other attendees before joining the event? No, all are welcome.


LeadershipEffectivenessConfidenceVulnerabilityAuthenticityResponsibilityInfluenceHigh PerformanceCourage

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Jul 1, 2023

08:30 AM - 01:00 PM




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