Jeanette Mundy - Transformational Leadership Coach
Jeanette Mundy

Jeanette Mundy

Transformational Leadership Coach
Mackay, QLD, Australia


Committed to expanding transformation across the globe

Jeanette’s motto is ‘be the leader in your own life and then lead others to do the same’. She lives and breathes this motto as a Transformational Leadership Coach who specialises in transformation for coaches and emerging leaders.  Having spent over 10 years studying the ontological approach to transformation and possessing decades of training and leadership experience, she is one of Engenesis’ most experienced practitioners.  Today she is passionate about supporting and empowering other coaches, emerging leaders, and professionals worldwide who practise transformational work on their own Beings and with their clients, teams and the communities they serve.


35 years of business, training, team development and leadership experience

Jeanette brings a wealth of training, leadership and business experience to her current role in expanding the team of Accredited Being Profile® Practitioners around the world. She has built and sold a successful business and supported large organisations in developing their internal teams and collaborating between units or agencies.

Jeanette has supported leadership teams and trainers in within the government and private sectors and industries

Jeanette is a highly experienced facilitator, training designer, assessor and systems development and implementation professional who is as comfortable working with large government departments and industry associations as she is working with small teams or one-on-one. Examples of the organisations Jeanette has consulted with and supported include QLD Fire and Emergency Services and Joint Industry Services Training (JIST).

A respected leader in training, assessment, systems design and professional leadership development

Jeanette developed and led internal training programs and the support mechanisms behind them to develop the people of the organisation she supported and impact overall organisational performance.  Highlights include the design, development and delivery of training for over 400 emergency services trainers and assessors; facilitating emergency services workshops and conferences for trainers and operations staff; and training and professional development of over 200 swimming instructors and support staff.


Being Profile Accreditation Program - 2021 - Thrive Graduate - Austswim Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety - Austswim Infant Aquatics - Newfield Institute Conversational Technology - Mobilize


Heart-Centred Change: A discussion of the language action of assessments - the way we live judgements and opinions as facts and how this can hold us back when we want to change our way of being.

Passionate about bringing out the emerging leader within and supporting people

Jeanette believes that when leaders focus on what lies within, they can discover potential and uniqueness that their surface-level doubts have masked. This can change their conversation about themselves from ‘I’m not enough’ to ‘I am enough’ and enable them to overcome self-doubt and stop second-guessing themselves. As a result, Jeanette’s clients trust their decisions and powerfully choose their path forward.

Personal life

The ontological work Jeanette has completed over the last decade has led to her own gradual self-transformation. She has a keen personal interest in the connection between our physiological wellbeing and our way of being and how transforming our way of being impacts our physical self. Jeanette lives on Australia’s tropical Whitsunday Coast with her husband and has three adult children and five grandchildren. She enjoys photography, travel and being in nature.

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Jeanette Mundy
14:14 Jul 15, 2022
I think for the most part society tends to relate to leaders as people in organisations, such as team leaders and CEO's, but the reality is very different. If we expand our consciousness to all the different ways and all the different situations people are leaders we will start to see leaders as parents, school teachers, business owners, sisters, aunties, uncles, friends, entrepreneurs and anyone who cares and wants to make a positive influence to other humans and the world. Where and to whom do you make a difference? #leaders #leadership


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