EventsLeading Teams through Times of Crisis
Leading Teams through Times of Crisis

Leading Teams through Times of Crisis

Learn what causes leaders to be confident, less stressed but more effective in leading their teams to achieve results that previously seemed unattainable.

Event by Jacqueline Hofste


As a leader in an organisation, you need to be effective, to implement positive change, address conflict constructively and grow your team and team culture successfully. But often you find yourself in many challenging situations where you may not be able to identify exactly how to develop your leadership skills and increase your performance. This may lead to feeling disempowered and forming the view that you just have to put with how things are.

Today’s workshop will introduce you to a Framework Transformation Methodology™ that is a rigorous and structured approach to increasing your performance effectiveness. You will be learning how you can become a confident and authentic leader who is capable of having a real positive impact on your team and work environment by transforming your deeper human qualities. These qualities or ways of being underpin everything we do and achieve. 

This workshop is not about a quick fix but will give you profound insights into practices and tools of getting the result you want in a consistent manner

Jacqueline’s extensive corporate experience has given her firsthand insight into what it takes to develop and maintain high-performing and engaged leaders and teams within a corporate environment. In these roles, she earned a reputation for effectively turning around the performance of teams experiencing significant conflict and dysfunctional behaviour. A notable highlight was when she led a process of cultural transformation within a multi-billion dollar organisation and, in so doing, managed to resurrect a 36 million euro global program that was stagnating and failing to progress.



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