EventsBECOMING:The Emergence of Being - Book Launch
BECOMING:The Emergence of Being - Book Launch

BECOMING:The Emergence of Being - Book Launch

Join the inaugural launch of BECOMING: The Emergence of Being (LIVE online on Zoom). Experience a transformational journey through the first work of fiction from best-selling author and philosopher, Ashkan Tashvir.

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Why do I suddenly feel like an imposter? Like all my so-called successes are on the surface, and the person within, the real me, doesn’t know what he wants, doesn’t even know who the hell he is anymore, let alone where he’s heading!

The biggest shadow of all suddenly dawned on Yoren … Am I the best I could ever be?

Yoren Healy appears to have it all: a lucrative career, financial stability and a loving fiancé. It’s a seemingly brilliant life, one he has carefully crafted since childhood. But deep down, he is lost, confused, stuck and unfulfilled.

BECOMING – The Emergence of Being follows Yoren as he embarks on a journey of exploration with the support of his coach. Along the way, he discovers the reasons behind his lack of fulfilment, from his upbringing and family heritage to his perception of societal expectations and how he relates to the world, others and himself.

By following Yoren’s captivating story, you’ll experience a fresh perspective grounded in philosophy and shaped by Ashkan Tashvir’s globally adopted framework that illuminates the reality beneath the facade of human beings and acknowledges that we are all capable of transformation.

BECOMING – The Emergence of Being follows Tashvir’s best-selling books BEING and HUMAN BEING

LIVE online on Zoom

You're invited to the inaugural book launch event for BECOMING: The Emergence of Being. It is a rare opportunity to hear stories from members of the community who are adopting and living the Being Framework™ in their lives and their organisations.


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