EventsAwaken Your Inner Leader: A Workshop on Creating a Genuine and Positive Impact on Others
Awaken Your Inner Leader: A Workshop on Creating a Genuine and Positive Impact on Others

Awaken Your Inner Leader: A Workshop on Creating a Genuine and Positive Impact on Others

Want to be a force for change and make a positive and lasting impact on others? Join us for Awaken Your Inner Leader Workshop, where you'll begin your journey of self-discovery and empowerment as a leader. This workshop is designed to uncover leadership qualities that will help you make a positive and lasting impact on others, by becoming a genuine, impactful presence. You'll tap into some of your innate qualities to be a force for change in your personal and professional life.

Event by Jeanette Mundy


Wherever your leadership journey takes you, and for those aspiring to lead effectively, this complimentary 90-minute workshop is an opportunity you can't afford to overlook! 

While aspiring leaders possess the desire to lead effectively, they often face challenges in achieving the impact they aspire to, and many find it difficult to identify with themselves as leaders. 

They find themselves entrenched in hesitation during conversations, holding back from expressing their thoughts, and when they do assert themselves it lacks true assertiveness. Deep down they’re worried about how others might perceive them. Regardless of their motivation and desire they are often at a standstill. Typically, I’ve uncovered one or more of these subtle self-doubts lingering in their inner dialogue: 

  • I’m not cut out for this
  • I’m an imposter
  • What if I fail?
  • What if I get it wrong? 
  • I’m not competent enough!
  • What if someone uncovers I’m different from the leader they believe in? 
  • What if I upset someone? 
  • What if they think I lack intelligence? 
  • I might come across as too much! 
  • Should I voice my thoughts or stay silent?   

Each of these internal self-doubts acts as a barrier, causing us to become defensive and impeding our progress as leaders.

You have the option to explore leadership through books, which aim to impart leadership skills, attend courses that provide insights and strategies for leadership development, or take a leadership profiling assessment to identify your leadership style. While these resources have their value, they often skim the surface, potentially pigeonholing you into predefined categories, which can obstruct your view of the innate qualities you already possess. This can inadvertently hinder your personal growth and transformation. Do these sound familiar?

A more authentic approach involves delving into your inner self to unearth the innate qualities that empower you to engage in more deeply meaningful conversations, articulate your thoughts and perspectives with confidence, self-promote without the nagging sense of being a fraud, and foster self-assurance in your true capabilities.

If your aspirations include…

  • Nurturing your growth and unlocking your full potential
  • Enhancing the quality of all your relationships 
  • Cultivating self-assurance in your problem-solving abilities
  • Expressing yourself assertively and courageously
  • Empowering others to achieve their own success
  • Igniting and fulfilling a thriving career

Then, the “Awaken Your Inner Leader Workshop” is the ideal choice for you. 

It will guide you on a path where you can wholeheartedly pursue your passions while confidently and courageously serving others. Throughout the workshop you will discover innate qualities within you, and that there’s no need to change yourself or convince yourself you’re enough. 

Join us to discover how to tap into your internal resources and put an end to self-doubt. 

This 90 minute workshop is entirely complimentary and an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up!


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