EventsAssertiveness Workshop: Speak up Freely, Own Your Power!
Assertiveness Workshop: Speak up Freely, Own Your Power!

Assertiveness Workshop: Speak up Freely, Own Your Power!

Welcome to the Assertiveness Workshop: Speak up Freely, Own Your Power! Do you often find yourself saying yes when you really mean no? Or holding back from speaking your mind, fearing you'll be seen as boastful or too much? It's time to redefine assertiveness—it's about confidently expressing your REAL yeses and REAL nos, being straight, firm and unambiguous. It’s about speaking up without fear of judgement or conformity.

Event by Jeanette Mundy


In this assertiveness workshop, discover the what assertiveness IS and what it’s NOT so you can:

  • Embrace Your Authentic Voice: Uncover the misconceptions surrounding assertiveness. Understand how to confidently express your needs, views and opinions without downplaying your achievements or collapsing into societal standards or power dynamics.

  • Confidently Speak Up: Gain the tools to communicate assertively in meetings, say no to unreasonable demands, make genuine complaints, and break free from passive acceptance of situations that don’t align with your values, views and opinions.

  • Shatter 'Nice' Stereotypes: Explore how being labelled as 'nice,' 'kind,' or 'considerate' might impact your assertiveness. Understand that being assertive doesn't contradict kindness—it enhances your ability to be resolute, firm, and effective in communication.

Join us to break free from the chains of hesitation and silence. Cultivate a healthy relationship with assertiveness — to confidently express yourself without conforming to outdated norms or submitting to power dynamics.

It's time to step into your power and express yourself without regrets or resentments. Take the first step toward reclaiming your voice at our upcoming Assertiveness Workshop!


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Mar 14, 2024

05:00 PM - 06:30 PM



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Jeanette Mundy
Jeanette Mundy

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