How Clipex achieved record sales and much more through leadership coaching with Being Framework

When organisational leaders are genuinely focused on the wellbeing of their people and have a healthy relationship with who they are being, the seemingly impossible can be achieved. This case study explains how adopting the Being Framework within an organisation has a positive impact on everything from recruiting the right people to breaking financial records.


Feb 07, 2022

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Clipex is an Australian company that specialises in fencing and stockyard solutions for the agricultural sector. They are located in Australia, South America and Europe, while also operating an Australian owned manufacturing plant in China. Beyond manufacture, supply and installation direct to farms and rural properties, they also lead their industry by developing new and innovative solutions for farmers.

The leadership team at Clipex is passionate about demonstrating genuine care for their farming clients and their people. One of their main drivers within the company culture is to support each team member to become the best version of themselves. Joe Ernst, Chief Operating Officer and Director of People, Performance and Culture, says, "Our hope is that anyone who journeys with us becomes a more complete human being because of the time spent with us – this is our passion." This is more than a catch cry for the company, which dedicates resources, including money and time, to empower and coach its managers and staff. It is a way of being.

With this culture-focused mission in mind, Clipex chose to invest in the adoption of the Being Framework within the organisation. They started with the leadership team, with each leader completing their Being Profile assessment, undergoing a debrief session and participating in a team workshop. Subsequently, Joe became accredited as a practitioner in the Being Profile within the company and undertook the thirteen-week Thrive Coach Training Program. He said, "The company provided the means and the space for me to be trained and developed as a coach, using these two platforms, the Being Profile and the Thrive Coach Training Program. They now affect the way we recruit – I use the Being Profile when we're recruiting – how we train and how we develop all of our teams. We integrate it into our leadership conversations all the time." Joe is currently completing the twelve-month Being Mastery Program that delves further into the Being Framework and its application. In terms of the dedicated number of coaching hours required for the Being Framework to become part of the organisation’s language and culture, Joe said, “It [coaching] is ongoing and Clipex has recognised how vital this is by investing – as part of the budget – in having myself trained as a dedicated coach within the business”.

Equipped with a new understanding of how human beings operate and perform, many leaders who adopt the Being Framework use it to recruit new staff more effectively. Clipex typically receives between 60 and 100 applications when hiring a new team member. After filtering this down to a shortlisted few, they have their top applicants complete the Being Profile before sitting with the leadership team for more in-depth, one-on-one interviews. As Joe puts it, "We do a Being Profile to see whether what we're thinking about them and how they'd fit into our culture would be a good match. For example, is there something that would pop up that we're not aware of? We've done that for quite a while now, and it's proven to be very successful".

One of the most significant demonstrations of the company's transformation since adopting the Being Framework relates to how Aspects of Being like awareness, vulnerability, authenticity, assertiveness, courage and fear have impacted the forecasted and achieved budgets over a twelve-month period. Clipex's annual budget is driven by the company's forecasted revenue. All planning, from organisational structure to expenditure, flows from this. The executive management team reviews and agrees to a budget after input from the various departments within the company.

Naturally, the sales executives are critical to the budget-setting process as their team needs to generate the revenue. The sales executives agreed to a target for one year's forecast, and the annual budget was subsequently formed around this. As the year progressed, it became increasingly apparent that the target would not be achieved. It would be short by $10-15 million, a shortfall that would have a dire impact on all facets of the business.

Later, the executive who had initially agreed to the target declared that he never thought the target was achievable. However, he felt that it was a figure the stakeholders and executives wanted to hear, so he "just went along with it". This is an example of an individual who either chose to ignore or was not aware of his decision's impact on the business and staff. When the leadership team referred back to this executive's Being Profile, it was clear that he had an unhealthy relationship with both vulnerability and authenticity. What happened always had the potential to occur. Joe said, "As we learnt more about the benefits of the Being Profile and became more skilled in utilising its power, we have become more responsible for being aware of the shadows and their potential impact as a team." 

Fast forward twelve months, and the executive management team was presented with a revenue target that needed to be achieved that month (December) to meet their commitments to the business and stakeholders. It was a target that had never been achieved in a single month in the company's history. However, the executive management team agreed that it was not negotiable. The data indicated that it was achievable. However, they knew it would take a high level of vulnerability, authenticity, responsibility and awareness to accomplish it. After further round-table discussion, the operational executives stated a figure they believed was achievable. However, the number was still well below the target. Putting into practice what they had learned from the Being Framework, the executive management team listened, openly acknowledged the challenge and agreed to alter their approach. They chose not to continue business as usual and hope that a miracle would happen, but rather all pitched in and worked together. They went above and beyond, including the CEO, who operated a forklift over this critical period to assist on the ground. In the end, the organisation not only hit their record-breaking target but exceeded it. In relation to Ashkan’s work with the Being Framework, Ashley Olsson, Founder and CEO of Clipex, stated, “This work is pivotal in helping people become aware of the truth about themselves and for them to be enlivened, made aware to the truth about themselves, to be challenged to begin walking on the path of ruthless self-discovery, to desire to become integrous, and stop living an illusion.”

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Ashkan Tashvir

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