Ashkan Tashvir - 3x Best-selling Author, Philosopher, Venture Builder and Investor | Founder and CEO at Engenesis
Ashkan Tashvir

Ashkan Tashvir

3x Best-selling Author, Philosopher, Venture Builder and Investor | Founder and CEO at Engenesis
NSW, Australia



Ashkan Tashvir built and launched the first of several businesses at the age of fifteen and subsequently led a series of businesses to become thriving and successful enterprises across various industries. With a master’s degree in information systems management, he has worked on various technology projects. Over the years, his interest in business and entrepreneurship continued to evolve and he led or advised several startups and SMEs to become sustainable, scalable ventures before becoming an investor and venture builder himself.

In addition to his business and technological engineering qualifications and experience, Ashkan is a thinker, researcher, voracious reader and philosopher with a profound interest in and knowledge of metaphysics, ontology, epistemology, phenomenology and ethics. For more than a decade, he was driven by a quest to discover why there is so much dysfunction and suffering in the world and to find the answer to a burning question: ‘Why are we human beings the way we are and what drives our decisions, behaviours and actions?’ His quest led him to a crossroads between the realms of technology, business, leadership and philosophy. His interests extend beyond theory and abstracts of philosophy to their application in the economy, particularly in business and organisational leadership contexts.

Observing a distinct lack of logical, ontological and systematic thinking in the areas of human consciousness, transformation and leadership, particularly in terms of how they empower people to generate opportunity and wealth for themselves and others, Ashkan set his mind to using his discovered knowledge to devise a series of practical frameworks, tools and methodologies, one of which is the Being Framework. This framework, which incorporates the Being Profile assessment tool and the Transformation Methodology, is now supporting people from all over the world to create significant economic and social benefits in their organisations and personally derive fulfilment from their contribution in life. He has since also designed and built the Genesis Framework™, a revolutionary business venture building paradigm.

As founder and CEO of Engenesis, Ashkan heads a business movement of global venture builders, professional investors, business management consultants, advisors and coaches who adopt and apply his frameworks while also encouraging and facilitating their use by others for personal and organisational transformation.
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