John Williams - Strategic Business Leadership Coach
John Williams

John Williams

Strategic Business Leadership Coach
Greater Brisbane Area



John is a consummate leader and an expert in team engagement. A leader in his community John lives what he teaches through his consulting and teaching. With a depth of experience built on his 30 year career in senior management with international organisations John has a MBA in Leadership and Strategic Management, he has studied Negotiation at Harvard Business School, is a qualified mediator and arbitrator. It's fair to say John understands people and is amongst the foundation coaches who have been practicing with the Being Framework and Profile from its inception.

John has a particular interest in coaching up and coming business leaders who are knocking on the door of the success they want for themselves and are searching for the factor that will propel them to their goal. "Success is whatever you describe it as, but to obtain that success and then maintain it any leader need to have the tools to show the world what they can offer without destroying the the things that sustain them: family, relationships, health. The modern leader has to make decisions based on partial data because there is simply so much data and that may even be polluted by AI or manipulative competitive actions, it's not easy. Thankfully the tools that will help you keep stay sane and grounded will also guide you through the decision making maze that is business in the 21st century."

Married with four adult children, three step children and four grandchildren John is not short of experience in life's challenges "I think leading a family is probably one of the toughest gigs you can take on" says John "It might be your children share your genetics or have just spent too much time figuring you out , but I think it's the love that makes it hard, it's hard to put down the boundaries in the right places. Caring is a tricky way of Being, what you care about draws your attention and your resources and that my not always be good for the recipient, that's why in my opinion parents don't make great coaches, they care too much about the person and not about what they're trying to achieve. My kids wisely forbid me from offering coaching advice."

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