EventsLeadership and Influence Intensive Workshop
Leadership and Influence Intensive Workshop

Leadership and Influence Intensive Workshop

Are you stepping into a role where you need to level up your leadership and influence? This intensive workshop is for you to uncover how to go about the transformation you need to revolutionise your performance.

Event by Ariya Chittasy


Whether you are looking to:

  • Move ahead in your career
  • Win more sales deals
  • Build effective partnerships
  • Get your team to perform
  • Grow your business

Each of these boil down to a single key factor: Whether you can read and understand PEOPLE.

Being a leader is all about better understanding people and being able to effectively influence them as well as ourselves.

These days, it is common for the word 'leadership' to be thrown around with little meaning.

This workshop is for you if you know that leadership is more than just a title you write in your email signature or a sign that you place on your desk.

You understand that KNOWING about leadership and BEING a leader are completely different things.

You acknowledge that you're either studying how to be effective as a leader or you're experiencing feeling lost amid the lack of effectiveness and leadership around you.

These are common symptoms you could be experiencing by taking on commonly advocated leadership practices:

  • Stress from the need for constant approval or agreement. Do you feel like you need to be liked, to be a great leader?
  • Anxiety in trying to avoid conflict. People are being polite, but the real stuff never gets addressed.
  • Burnout or exhaustion. Perhaps the load is not spread out enough across your team and is bottlenecked on you? 
  • Resentment from team members. Do you have team members forming opinions about your leadership that aren't true?
  • Lack of direction. Everyone is busy, but the team seems to go around on a flywheel and get nowhere.
  • Over-deliberation. We know there are issues, but they keep getting talked about but never actioned.

What you can expect in the 3-hour FREE training

At our Leadership and Influence Intensive Workshop, we will harness years of professional research to give you a brand-new understanding of the nuances of people and performance.

You'll be introduced to a radical paradigm called the Being Framework to become more effective, better express your leadership and level up in your effectiveness. It has been used by thousands of people in over 39 countries to advance their careers, build their businesses, level up the performance of their teams and better understand themselves and those around them.

The workshop is meticulously designed to challenge your perceptions, broaden your horizons, and empower you with a groundbreaking approach that is not only transformative but also actionable.

You'll delve into case studies, participate in interactive exercises, and engage in deep discussions that will reshape the way you think about leadership and influence.

Whether you are looking to amplify your leadership, influence and impact:

  • At work
  • In your business
  • With your team
  • With your boss
  • With partners
  • With investors

This intensive workshop session will make a tremendous impact.

This workshop is intensive for a reason. It's for those who are ready to question, challenge, and breakthrough to authentically lead and influence others. You'll come away with not only a deeper understanding of leadership but also practical tools that can be immediately applied to your current and future roles.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this exclusive workshop. Spaces are strictly limited, as we aim to provide a personalised and interactive experience for all participants.

Meet Your Facilitators

Ariya Chittasy leads a portfolio of technology startup companies as the Director of Engenesis Ventures. Over the last 18 months, he has led his clients and partners toward 2 x successful exits and a USD $1 million fundraise. He believes that for a business to grow, the leaders must first transform. With his team, he has interviewed over 2400 innovating companies.

Jacqueline Hofste is an author, facilitator and leadership coach. She started her career as a physicist in Germany, before moving into the corporate arena, where she quickly established an impressive track record. She took on and successfully managed projects valued up to $30 million at multinational firms, spearheaded the turnaround of challenging projects, and led international teams that were recognised as some of the most demanding in the industry.

Where is the event held?

Club York, York Room 2, 95-99 York St, Sydney NSW 2000



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Date and Time

May 24, 2024

02:00 PM - 05:00 PM



Club York, York Room 2, 95-99 York St, Sydney NSW 2000

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