EventsCoach to THRIVE: Transforming Outcomes Through the Power of Ontological Coaching
Coach to THRIVE: Transforming Outcomes Through the Power of Ontological Coaching

Coach to THRIVE: Transforming Outcomes Through the Power of Ontological Coaching

What if you had spent more than a decade exploring some of the finest coaching methods available? In this three-hour, live, online workshop, you will receive an inside look at the professional journey of the Principal Coach and Managing Director, John Smallwood. Years of coaching wisdom will be condensed into this single event, designed to fast-track your development as a coach.

Event by John Smallwood


What if there was a way to approach your coaching with clients so they were not only willing, but excited to spread the word and provide you with referrals, and didn't hesitate to invest in your premium fees?

And further, what if this approach only worked because the results they were seeing were not just impressive, but profoundly transformative—more so than they might have ever thought possible for themselves—and substantially longer lasting.

Becoming a coach that can reliably cause this is possible. 

But first, you need to understand why attempting to change your clients' behaviours can become one of your biggest dead ends. 

John Smallwood has held the position of CEO in over 15 organisations, with some reaching up to $250 million in turnover. This is where he was exposed to many forms of coaching as a client, and came to deeply admire the power of coaching to impact teams and organisations at large.

This led him to become an executive coach himself. In this journey, which now sums to over 800+ leaders that have been coached by him, he explored every pocket of coaching approaches he could get his hands on.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars, and more than a thousand hours later, having trained in or trialled many different approaches, he realised that there was one piece that ended up making the critical difference in any effective coaching engagement.

In this workshop, John will share the extent of his discoveries and insights with you.

Firstly, as a CEO and organisational leader in what works when it comes to how coaches approach these engagements, win the contract and start bringing about outcomes. 

Secondly, as a now Mastercoach and Managing Director of the Engenesis Coach Academy, in what coaches can do to reliably generate transformative outcomes for their clients, which is the source of what makes their coaching business thrive.

Thirdly, how can you extend the reach of your impact from one-on-one, where the vast majority of coaches start, to teams and entire organisations. 

If you join the workshop, you can expect it to be highly interactive, filled with discussion and alongside an international community of coaches.



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