Ehssan Sakhaee - Leadership Facilitator | Lecturer | Engineer | Author | Speaker
Ehssan Sakhaee

Ehssan Sakhaee

Leadership Facilitator | Lecturer | Engineer | Author | Speaker


Lecturer, leadership facilitator, author, speaker and engineer on a mission

For the past 12+ years, Dr Ehssan Sakhaee has lectured, mentored and coached thousands of engineering and project management professionals and their teams in Global Fortune 500 companies and some of the world’s leading universities to cultivate higher levels of wellbeing, leadership and effectiveness. 

He holds a PhD in Engineering and has lectured at the University of Sydney, the UTS, and UCLA Extension in the field of personal development and leadership for project managers and engineers.


Integrating technical skills and academic knowledge with the often neglected human factors for optimal performance and effectiveness

To be effective, technical professionals and leaders require more than just academic knowledge and technical skills. There are many necessary human factors that the traditional education system fails to teach. By integrating skills and knowledge with the human factors related to personal and leadership development, Ehssan’s programs support the sustainable wellbeing of individuals, teams and leaders for the greater good of the organisation.

Left a successful professional role for a life dedicated to people development in organisations and educational establishments

After discovering a gap in the tertiary education system more than 10 years ago, Ehssan resigned from a successful technical academic role to dedicate his life to people development in technical organisations and universities. The discovery sparked a desire to integrate his extensive engineering knowledge and experience with evidence and experience-based human factors critical to performance, effectiveness and wellbeing. With renewed passion and purpose, he developed and facilitated the first student leadership program at the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Engineering that bridged the gap. He also developed and delivered leadership subjects for engineers and project managers at the University of Sydney, UCLA Extension and Osaka University in Japan.

Leveraging extensive personal experience as well as leading research-backed theories, methods and approaches

Ehssan possesses an extraordinary depth of experience and knowledge combined with the highest academic qualification. When designing and facilitating programs, he taps into his personal experience and knowledge while also leveraging relevant research-backed theories, methods and approaches, including mindfulness, self-determination theory, positive psychology, the psychology of passion, wellbeing at work and the Being FrameworkTM.

Ehssan’s expertise is sought by a broad spectrum of international organisations, including Global Fortune 500 companies

Ehssan has earned a reputation among some of the world’s leading organisations and universities for his depth of understanding and knowledge around the challenges they face, particularly in relation to keeping engineering and technical professionals and teams engaged, fulfilled, effective and productive. Examples of the organisations and educational institutions he has supported include 3M in Australia, Engineers Australia, NTT Data Corporation in Japan, the University of California, Sydney University, the University of Technology, Sydney and Osaka University.

Tailored personal, team and leadership development programs for organisations and educational establishments

In 2020, he developed a framework encompassing the paradigms of personal growth, development and leadership, which forms the foundation of his content today. His programs deliver sustainable positive change, irrespective of geographical location. For example, after over 100 employees of the NTT Data Corporation in Japan attended Ehssan's tailored 4-day workshop focused on wellbeing, productivity and effectiveness, the organisation reported a sustained positive impact 2 months after the workshop.

Personal Life

Aside from his professional pursuits, Ehssan is a talented cartoonist who enjoys writing and illustrating books and articles on wellbeing, effectiveness and engagement. He also loves spending time in nature.
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