EventsMetacontent, by Ashkan Tashvir | Book Launch Event
Metacontent, by Ashkan Tashvir | Book Launch Event

Metacontent, by Ashkan Tashvir | Book Launch Event

Join us for the highly anticipated online launch of "Metacontent: The Intellectual Substrates for Sense-Making" the groundbreaking new book by Ashkan Tashvir. Discover the intellectual foundation that underpins effective sense-making in an increasingly complex world.

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How do you make sense of the world?

There is so much confusion around us. From the overwhelming flood of information to the complexities of our daily lives, it can be challenging to find clarity and meaning.

Did you ever stop to think about how your perceptions are shaped? What if you could uncover the often invisible aspects that influence your understanding and decisions?

Join us for the highly anticipated online launch of "Metacontent: The Intellectual Substrates for Sense-Making," the groundbreaking new book by Ashkan Tashvir. Ashkan, a philosopher and author of critically acclaimed works such as "Being," "Human Being," and "Becoming: The Emergence of Being," offers a deep dive into the intellectual foundation that underpins effective sense-making.

In this special event, you'll gain invaluable insights from Ashkan Tashvir, hear from distinguished guest speakers, engage in an interactive Q&A session, and be the first to access this transformative new work.

Event Highlights:

  • Exclusive Author Insights: Hear directly from Ashkan as he shares the inspiration behind "Metacontent," the journey of its creation, and the key concepts that make this book a must-read.
  • Distinguished Guest Speakers: Gain additional perspectives and insights from notable experts in the field who will join Ashkan to discuss the book's themes.
  • Interactive Q&A Session: Engage with Ashkan and guest speakers in an interactive Q&A session where you can ask questions, seek clarifications, and gain deeper insights into the book’s applications.
  • First Access to the Book: Be among the first to get access to "Metacontent" and explore its transformative ideas before it’s available to the general public.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Content: Enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes content, including the creative process, challenges faced during the writing, and personal anecdotes from Ashkan’s experience.

The event will run for 90 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of extended Q&A.

Why Attend?

  • Gain Practical Insights: "Metacontent" is not just a theoretical exploration; it has practical application in your personal and professional life that can improve your decision-making and sense-making abilities.
  • Connect with Other: Connect with other attendees who share your interest in personal development and intellectual growth. This event is a great opportunity to expand your network and engage in meaningful conversations.
  • Transform Your Understanding: Discover the unseen elements that influence how we perceive and interpret the world. By understanding these intellectual substrates, you can enhance your ability to navigate complexity and uncertainty.

About the Author

Ashkan Tashvir is an acclaimed author and philosopher, renowned for his three Amazon Australia Best Selling books "Being," "Human Being," and "Becoming: The Emergence of Being," published over the past three years. With a rich background as a technologist, venture builder, and investor, he is best known for developing the Being Framework—an ontological model that explores how humans are Being in the world. This framework has been adopted by a growing number of leaders, teams, consultants, coaches, investors, and entrepreneurs, impacting thousands of lives across 39 countries. In recognition of his groundbreaking work, Ashkan was awarded an honorary doctorate by the College De Paris in 2024.


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Jul 26, 2024

08:30 AM - 10:00 AM



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