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Movie Discussion

Join monthly Movie Discussion Sessions focusing on exploring movies that expand our understanding of the Aspects of Being and analysing situations and characters from the BEING perspective.

Event by Ashkan Tashvir


🎥 Movie for Friday, 22nd March 2024, 8AM-9:30AM Sydney time: DOGVILLE (IMDB link)

A valuable opportunity for your ongoing advanced learning and a chance to deepen your understanding of the Being Discourse.

There will be a movie each month that is going to be recommended to watch, and we will discuss the movie, situations, and characters from the BEING perspective. At the end of each session, a movie will be chosen, allowing everyone three weeks to watch it before our next session. Please note there will be no movie for this first session.

These sessions take place on the second last Friday of every month and are open to the wider community. They will run for 90 minutes starting at 8 am Sydney time, via Zoom. It is live online to allow opportunity to participants from all places to join as long as their time zone works. Please note that these sessions are complimentary and free of charge.

All sessions will be recorded and the edited recording will be uploaded to YouTube. While the sessions will be recorded, participants are encouraged to actively engage in discussions. Turning off your camera is completely acceptable if you prefer not to participate actively.

Here's a summary of what you can gain from participating:

- Opportunity to study content through the lens of the Being Discourse. - Developing the skill of reading situations and people's being. - Enhancing your ability to conceptualise and become adept at applying discernment in regard to reading human beings and situations from the BEING perspective.



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