Unlocking courage and embracing vulnerability to conquer fear, self-doubt and procrastination

Unlocking courage and embracing vulnerability to conquer fear, self-doubt and procrastination

Have you ever put something off because you were plagued by self-doubt? Getting past putting things off and doubting ourselves requires more than just thinking about it; it demands action and transformation. In this article, Helen Robinett, an experienced connection and influence coach, shares how she was able to kick-start transformation and move forward on a challenging project by stepping outside her comfort zone, being vulnerable, courageous and embracing her imperfections.


Jul 25, 2023

4 mins read

Do you sometimes feel paralysed by fear and self-doubt, causing you to be unable to take action on a commitment you've made? That nagging voice in your head seems to thrive on the belief that you're not good enough, fuelling your insecurities and holding you back. It's a toxic cycle that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stuck. But what if there was a way to break free from this narrative? This article explores the power of embracing vulnerability and unlocking courage to confront fear and self-doubt head-on. We'll delve into the transformative journey of transcending perfectionism, embracing imperfection, and taking small courageous steps towards growth and transformation. 

Confronting my own fear and avoidance

I recently found myself overwhelmed and paralysed by fear and self-doubt concerning a writing task I had committed to. The voice in my head, which I call ‘Mavis’, told me I was not fit for the task, leaving me stuck and frozen with fear. Not wanting to let the people to whom I had made a commitment down, I allocated space in my diary for the task at hand and had my focus timer app ready to assist me. However, I kept finding excuses for not ‘putting pen to paper’. So, despite my best intentions, I avoided the task and failed to get started.  

Committed to challenging my fear and avoidance to complete the task, I knew that fuelling the self-doubt narrative was both toxic and counterproductive. Furthermore, as a coach, I often support others in overcoming these types of challenges. So I knew one of the most effective ways to fast-track transformation was to bring up the conversation with my coach. By posing some powerful questions, my coach supported me in seeing my self-talk with renewed clarity and highlighted the distorted narrative lens I was looking through. 

The questions my coach asked me to consider include:

  • When was the first time you heard you were not good enough?

  • What message did you attach to that?

  • What are some other instances where you told yourself you weren’t good enough?

  • What were the consequences of your self-doubt?

As I reflected on and journaled my responses, I could see many instances when I had reinforced the ‘not good enough’ narrative and the consequences of paying attention to that persistent negative voice of self-doubt. I could also clearly see that I had the opportunity to grow and learn as I changed that message for myself. When we choose to tap into our inner strength and resilience, we can face fear head-on. 

Embracing my imperfections moved me forward

Striving for perfection can hold us back and hinder our progress. In my case, my negative alter-ego, Mavis, loves perfection and believes only the very best is good enough. In doing so, she limits me. I realised the answer lies in embracing rather than berating my imperfections. And vulnerability is the key to doing that, not just in my case, but for anyone similarly stuck in their lives.

But isn’t vulnerability a weakness? This is a common misunderstanding. Vulnerability is considered the quality of being with your authentic self without obsessive concern over the impression you make. In my conversation with my coach, I got to see how perfectionism was stunting my opportunity to grow. By addressing my relationship with vulnerability, I was able to embrace imperfection and have a go as a learning opportunity without feeling inferior or worrying about what others might think of me. I found I actually enjoyed the process and was eager to get into it. Embracing imperfection is an essential part of my journey today and one I also share with many of my coaching clients. 

The courage to venture into the unknown

The next step in embracing my imperfections was to work on my courage, which enabled me to venture into the unknown. In his book Human Being, Ashkan Tashvir distinguishes courage as “the state of being that gives rise to the ability to make decisions, move forward and take action when you are uncomfortable, frightened, worried or concerned for your safety and/or the safety of others. Courage is not the absence of fear; on the contrary, courage shows up when fear or discomfort is present. Courage enables you to continue to be of service and pursue objectives, even when circumstances appear insurmountable, unpleasant or dangerous”.

In relation to moving beyond self-doubt, the key point from Tashvir’s distinction is that courage is not the absence of fear or discomfort; it’s stepping forward despite the presence of fear or discomfort. It takes courage to embark on anything new. By transforming my relationship with courage, I was able to take action on my writing task despite the fear that it might not be right.


Embracing vulnerability and nurturing courage are not merely abstract concepts but transformative practices that can empower us to confront fear and self-doubt head-on. By acknowledging the debilitating influence of that negative internal voice, we can begin to challenge the notion of not being good enough and break free from its clutches. By embracing imperfection through vulnerability, we open ourselves up to growth and learning, stepping outside our comfort zones with genuine courage. Taking small, gutsy actions propels us forward, unlocking our true potential. Remember, courage isn't about the absence of fear but the willingness to take action despite its presence. So, let's embrace vulnerability and courage to navigate the path of self-discovery. If you are currently experiencing self-doubt, causing you to procrastinate or freeze in the face of a challenge and would like some support, I invite you to connect with me here

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Helen Robinett
Helen Robinett

About The Author

Helen is a connection and influence coach with over 20 years' coaching experience. Described by clients as down-to-earth, straight talking, passionate and approachable, she has a knack for drawing out people's courage and confidence to tackle the difficult issues holding them back, while also supporting them to develop their relationship with themselves so they can expand their personal influence. In addition to being a coach, Helen is a published author, having co-authored Apprentice to Business Ace – your inside-out guide to personal branding with two others. She has also been featured in the media across various channels, from radio and television to newspapers and magazines, and is a vibrant and engaging public speaker.

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