Why Venture Building

Why build your company with a venture builder?

While there are hundreds of Venture Builders around the world, it may be a new concept to you.

What is a Venture Builder?

The Venture Building model is often referred to as parallel entrepreneurship. Where in serial entrepreneurship a founder works one by one, creating new ideas, assembling its right elements and then selling the company off, in parallel entrepreneurship a set of common infrastructure is used to establish and grow multiple businesses all at once. Once a venture has reached a substantial level of maturity in the market, they are spun off into their own entities.

Venture Builders ask the question:
"What does it take to get an early stage company off the ground?"

They then build teams, processes, IP and gather other resources around these elements to support their multiple ventures to grow. This can range from technology, sales, marketing, design and more.

Why work with a venture builder?

1. Multiple Areas of Expertise

Growing a company from scratch is no easy feat. As the founder or leader of the venture, you are wearing so many hats.

Firstly, the number of areas of expertise are widespread such that no single person can cover all of them. Whether it is sales, marketing, customer acquisition, product design, software development, monetisation, commercialisation or capital raising, even the most talented founders need multiple areas of support along their journey.

In particular, Engenesis operates across the following 4 layers of Venture Building: Technology, investment, venture design and human capital.

Secondly, within each of these areas, there is a unique approach that is required when it comes to working with early-stage companies. For example, you're probably aware that sales and marketing process for a new product or service is completely different to a fully matured product or service.

When you work with a Venture Builder, you're able to access all of these areas of expertise instantly and in a way where you are building your business holistically in partnership with them.


2. Speed

Even the most well-funded companies experience friction as they grow. You need to create job descriptions, post job ads, interview candidates and trial them before creating systems and processes, conducting training and onboarding and ensuring strong company culture. This doesn't account for the instances where employees underperform or even leave, taking away valuable resources from an early stage venture.

When you work with a Venture Builder, you are able to snap on a multi-faceted team quickly and without this friction. This gives you an unparalleled advantage in speed in the face of your competitors.

At Engenesis, in addition to resources there is a strong focus on unique IP that can support our ventures to grow. For example, each of the following have been researched and generated in house and are now used across the multitude of our ventures:


3. Scale

Venture Builders work with companies that want to scale. However, when you are the one driving your business day to day, it is often difficult to also keep the eagle eye view.

The Venture Builder takes the important role of ensuring the greater picture is being met, and any waste is eliminated along the way. Due to their experience working across multiple ventures at once, it is not uncommon for them to be able to prevent misguided decisions that would have consumed months of wasted energy or hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs. This can then be reinvested into the business for wider and faster growth.

Why work with a venture builder?

If you are building out a scalable business model, you can work with Engenesis. We have a particular specialty on technology-enabled and technology-based companies, and engage founders and business leaders in the following stages:


What Are The Ways In Which I Can Work With Engenesis?

Engenesis works with companies through a fee for service or an exchanged-equity model.