What We Do

Faster. Leaner. Less Risk

For Startups

The most challenging part of a startup’s growth is moving from zero to launch. There are many pitfalls to navigate through, each of which can be the critical difference between success and failure. Through the Venture Building model, Engenesis brings to early-stage companies a rigorous framework to build and launch faster, leaner and with less risk. In addition, access to our shared infrastructure allows Engenesis Startups to get started on the front foot.

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SMEs & Corporates

Small to medium businesses, not for profit organisations, Government and large companies are experiencing wide-scale change and disruption due to technology. As a Venture Builder, Engenesis specialises in generating new business ideas, validating and testing underlying assumptions and developing new technology products ready to enter the market. Organisations find that the main advantage in partnering with Engenesis to build their new products is that they reduce the cost-burden, develop their products faster and dramatically reduce the risk.

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With the heightened ability to build global companies from scratch in short periods of time, the number of opportunities for technology-based business is unprecedented. Engenesis supports founders through an early-stage funding program aimed at building and launching their scalable product. In addition, the Engenesis Investor Network provides unique opportunities to investors looking to be involved with this new growing asset vehicle.

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We hold a series of accelerator programs that provide training, funding, connections and resources to startups in the early stage of growth. We have a product development team that includes over 57 engineers across Australia and India that help our startups build and scale their products. The Engenesis Venture Building Framework is our unique methodology that enables us to build our startups in an optimized way..


We work with organisations such as small to medium businesses and not-for-profits with innovation programs, venture design and product development so they can create new innovative technology products and take them to market.


Our investor network involves a community of like-minded investors looking to support and scale early stage startups. The Venture Building community and platform we are creating is a great source of value for investors who do not want to be involved with tech-companies alone.


Our experts understand the unique position of corporates as they engage in a world of disruption and high risk. We support them to build new products and scale..