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Through the Genesis Venture Building Framework™, Engenesis works with entrepreneurial leaders, organisations and investors to build, launch and successfully commercialize business ventures leaner, faster and with less risk.

Hands-On Expertise To Build-Out and Scale Your Venture

Engenesis Ventures works with business leaders globally to build and grow income-generating products and services to take advantage of unique market opportunities

Unprecedented Business Opportunity

Technology is fundamentally changing the way we do business and no industry is immune. The landscape is constantly shifting because new business models emerge as old ones become irrelevant. In this atmosphere of dynamic growth, technology has granted access to businesses of all sizes the ability to create high scale, high leverage systems at a fraction of the resources necessary 10 years ago. There is more opportunity now than ever before for innovative businesses to reach high valuations or significantly increase cash flow.

Starting and Growing a Business Venture is Complex

Reading books and researching your industry does not guarantee that you will be able to avoid the multiple barriers, pitfalls and blindspots that can pull you off the right track.

The multiple areas of deep expertise required to run a business successfully are often too expensive to access for early stage companies.

Simple or small mistakes can often end up toppling an entire company and result in a negative return.

The entrepreneurial journey risks all the time, money, energy and dedication you have invested.

Your lucrative, impact-making idea can go to waste if it is not turned into a profitable business.

Information overload can often lead to procrastination and analysis paralysis.

Bring To Your Venture an Expert Team to Fast Track Your Growth

The Engenesis Ventures team of experts have individual experience running successful businesses themselves and have subsequently worked with hundreds of companies from across the world to go through the challenging stage of early growth. The Engenesis team understands what it’s like to manage hundreds of competing priorities along with demands from customers, investors, co-founders, team members and of a rapidly changing industry. Because the team has consistently navigated through these complications with success, there is a constant demand for teaching the Engenesis frameworks. Engenesis Ventures is at the forefront of industry leading products allowing it to be on the ground level with the hands-on, practical knowledge and expertise new businesses require in today’s market.

Discover & Define Your Market Opportunity

How do you know your idea is substantial enough to sustain a fully fledged, profitable and sustainable business? What does it take to validate your idea in the market so that you can treat the building of your business as investment with a high end return, rather than a risky gamble? The Genesis Framework supports business leaders and founders to rigorously review their opportunity to get it ready for build out, launch and scale.

Design & Develop Your Tech Product

Building a technology-based product allows a business leader or owner unprecedented leverage to reach global markets, to scale their business beyond the limitations of a labour force and provide extraordinary value to the marketplace while keeping high profit margins. However, statistically 71% of software projects do not succeed. Enegeneis uses a unique methodology called Planned Agile™ to navigate through these pitfalls and move to a successfully launched product with a technology infrastructure that you can build a large scale tech business on.

Refine & Scale Your Business

For any business offering that is ready to reach a larger number of customers and access additional regions, it needs to generate repeatable, robust and scalable systems that can be reproduced across a geographically and demographically expanded customer base. This process involves a great shift in the business as it moves from the early growth to mature company stage. Apply the Genesis Framework™ to your business to guide you through these challenging growth shifts and are adept at guiding this process as companies move onto their next level.

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