Genesis Framework™

From Raw Business Idea to In the Market and Scaled

We’re In A TIme of Immense Business Opportunity

No industry is immune to the disruption caused by emerging technologies. Former titans disappear and new heavyweights emerge as the business landscape changes. Companies no longer need vast resources to create high scale, high leverage products and services. Instead this can now be achieved at a fraction of the cost. This new, dynamic atmosphere has created the perfect conditions for innovative businesses to reach high valuations or significant cash flows faster.

Taking A Business Venture From Startup To Growth Is Complex

  • The cost of the expertise required to run a business successfully is often prohibitively expensive.
  • Companies can be toppled by even the smallest of mistakes.
  • You are at risk of losing all of the time, money, energy and dedication that you have invested in your entrepreneurial journey if you make a fatal error
  • There are multiple areas of expertise to cover that a single person cannot cover alone
  • Many books give great tips and tricks but only share experience based on a single journey
  • Entrepreneurs can suffer from intense analysis paralysis and procrastination when dealing with the excess of data involved in running a business.

Leverage the Insights from Over 500 Companies Globally

At Engenesis, Ashkan and Ariya lead an international portfolio of technology business ventures. In addition, their hands-on experience with over 500 businesses that have gone through innovation and digitization has allowed them to decipher the patterns that differ between companies that undertake the journey successfully versus those which do now.

These working patterns of success have been distilled into a unique methodology called the Genesis Framework™.

Why Tips and Tricks Don’t Cut It

The world is not short of business books. The problem is that the majority of these books share the story of a single person’s journey as they tackled the issues that came up in their business. Some of these tips and techniques may work for you, but others may be completely irrelevant.

The Genesis Framework™ was engineered to give you a 360 degree view on your business, and approach it in a structured way so you leave no part of its growth to chance.


Meet the Authors

Ashkan Tashvir

CEO and Founder of Engenesis working globally to build an ecosystem of products dedicated to supporting people to thrive.

Beyond his business experience, his deep appreciation of the fields of philosophy, technology, leadership and management bridges unexplored fields.

Ariya Chittasy

Director of Engenesis Ventures working in with the international portfolio ofinnovative and disruptive companies across many industries.

Award-winning entrepreneur, leading one of his companies to be the fastest growing across the Asia Pacific.

Ariya’s formal training in the field of psychology and comprehensive experience in the fields of technology, communication and leadership allow him to bridge the gap between each of these resources to come up with highly practical advice for what works today.

Who the book is for:

  • CEO’s, C level executives - wanting to create new income streams or innovative products or services
  • Leaders and managers - driving innovation or growing departments
  • Business owners - Existing leaders in industry, that want to uncover and build what is next for their industry
  • Founders and entrepreneurs - starting out or growing a high-scale venture

The Genesis Framework Will Enable You To

  • Increase your business decision making speed
  • Take a structured, comprehensive approach to building your business - so you leave no part to chance
  • Gain a grounded understanding for what it will take to built-out and grow
  • Understand your business venture from multiple realms of expertise


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