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Your Idea Shouldn’t Sit In Your Head, It Should Be In the Hands of Your Customers

Few people have the true vision for the future that allows them to see new trends and opportunities emerging, especially with the increasing utility of technology. For many entrepreneurs this vision stays stuck inside the theoretical and never gets turned into real products that go on to make a positive impact on the market by solving people’s problems. The immense potential of these market-changing ideas then go to waste.

How Do You Know If Your Idea is a High Value Business Opportunity, Or An Expensive Pipe Dream?

You fear that although you started with real excitement there may be real roadblocks ahead that can stop your ideas from turning into true business success. Do you know that you have created the solution to a real world problem but are unsure of how to turn it into a profitable, commercially viable business opportunity? Do you know that your idea has legs, but don’t know what steps you need to take to completely transform your offering into a full scale business?

Take Advantage of The Experience of Those That Have Been There Before

How do you know your idea is substantial enough to sustain a fully fledged, profitable and sustainable business? What does it take to validate your idea in the market so that you can treat the building of your business as investment with a high end return, rather than a risky gamble? Engenesis supports business leaders and founders to rigorously review their opportunity to get it ready for build out, launch and scale.The Engenesis Ventures team is made up of people who are heavily experienced entrepreneurs. We know and appreciate the challenge of correctly committing to and pursuing an idea from a great multitude of options. In working with over 500 businesses internationally, we have been able to identify what works and what doesn’t work for companies dealing with the difficulties of gaining traction, obtaining product market fit and scaling in the early stages of growth. These working patterns of success have been distilled into a unique methodology called the Genesis Framework™.

Place Your Venture Through a Structured, Repeatable Process Based on Hundreds of High-Growth Companies With the Genesis Framework™

Don’t rely on subjective advice or consultation. Instead use a framework that ensures you are looking comprehensively at the parts you need to attend to in building your business. When you take this kind of structured approach nothing is left out, missing or relies on chance. In addition, your Engenesis expert goes through the fundamentals that every venture needs to succeed. While we see individual differences in all of the clients we have guided there are fundamental, objective factors that are common across every single successful venture. That is what the Genesis Framework™ allows you to see.

Business Areas Covered:

  • How do you validate your idea?
  • Identifying the unfair advantage within your team.
  • Clarifying the domain of your venture.
  • Identifying the unique value proposition of your company.
  • Identifying your target market and avatars.
  • Identifying business and product revenue models.
  • Designing your product, its packaging and its features.
  • Identifying the commercial viability of your business’ success.
  • Architecting and planning your product build.
  • Refining sales and marketing systems.
  • Examining operational processes to identify and remove the bottlenecks to scaling.

Steps to Scale Your Business


We examine and map out your existing operations.


We provide you with a customised strategic scale-up plan.


Our Venture Experts support you directly.


We scale your business.

Who It Works For

  • There is no limitation to conducting this process in any domain or industry.
  • Business ventures newly starting out or already established.
  • Entrepreneurs who have built a product but are struggling to gain customers.
  • Business owners with trial customers who are reluctant to pay.
  • Corporate innovation project teams.


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