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The ability to build-out and grow a technology product is now more accessible than ever before. Costs have dramatically been reduced allowing any serious business leader the opportunity to form their idea into a technology based business venture that can thrive in the global market.

Don’t become one of the 71% of software development projects that fail.

Do you fear losing control of timelines that extend far beyond the original projections?

Do you fear your budget will be killed by the addition of unexpected excess costs?

Do you fear your technology team will hand you back something completely unrelated to your original vision?

Do you fear you’ll invest all your time and energy only to receive a useless product that customers cannot use?

Do you fear a future rebuild of your entire system due to a lack of foresight by your tech team?

Take Advantage of The Experience of Those That Have Been There Before

As international venture builders who own and operate our own line of high scale technology products, we understand the challenges that business owners and leaders face in scaling out a technology product in today’s markets. It’s hard to know who to trust when many areas of deep expertise are required when building a successful technology product. Leaders with advanced knowledge in one field may not necessarily understand another. Great technologists do not often understand the world of business and vice versa. As a business owner or leader it is your job to bridge the divide. After experiencing these different patterns of what works in the design and building phases of a technology product, Engenesis Ventures created a unique methodology called Planned Agile™. It has a track record of a 0% failure rate (compared to the industry standard of a 71% failure rate) and provides you with the best of agile processes that allow you to adapt to changing market forces on the fly. It also gives you the freedom to make clear, level headed business based ROI decisions along the way.

Planned Agile™: A Unique Methodology for Designing and Developing Technology Based Products with Greater Precision and Lower Risk

  • It is a process that allows you to dramatically cut down the uncertainty of the software build process.
  • It clarifies expectations dramatically across teams who have multiple areas of expertise and competing priorities.
  • The world leading results of planned agile are in high demand globally and are being taught to existing teams at medium-to-large enterprises with sub-par outputs.

This Is How We Launch Your Product


We investigate and uncover Your Idea and Vision.


We design the flows and screens of your product.


We give you a development plan and select your Planned Agile™ Team.


We guide your product as you build and launch to market.

An Expert Team Specialising in Revenue-Generating Software Products

The Engenesis Ventures product design and development team has the sole focus of creating technology products that generate income and build new business models. Their team of over 80 software engineers work daily on their existing projects so you do not have to worry about a lengthy hiring process before starting development. There is nothing preventing you from producing high quality technology products for your company.

  • Products across multiple industries
  • iPhone and Ipad app development
  • Android app development
  • Web based applications
  • Marketplace platforms
  • Ecommerce platforms


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