The Being Framework Leadership Mastery Program

A Deeply Immersive Program that Trains You in a Radical Paradigm of Leadership and Effectiveness.

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The Being Framework Leadership Mastery Program

The Being Frameworkk Leadership Mastery Program is a specialist training program for those who want to immerse themselves into the deeper philosophy, principles and practices of The Being Framework. The intensive training program takes place fortnightly over 26 sessions and challenges participants to confront what is really takes to be a leader and cause leadership in others.

Why The Being Framework

Our world today is filled with confusion and man-made constructs. The dominant paradigm or way of thinking in academia, the media, politics and popular culture seems to be that almost everything is mutable and relative, meaning we can create almost any construct we want to without first conducting a proper reality check. When human beings are seen as resources, like commodities you can buy and trade, only their surface behaviours are observed, leaving their deeper qualities, moods and aspects of being hidden and therefore ignored. The Being Framework™ is a map of these deeper factors and how they impact a human being's life.

About The Being Framework

The Being Framework brings together years of hands-on business experience as well as study into human science, epistemology, ontology and phenomenology with a particular focus within the context: ‘How to build effective and high performing teams and environments.’ As elucidated in the book Being: The Source of Power, the comprehensive paradigm help us understand human beings better than we already know particularly when it comes to leadership, performance and effectiveness. Utilizing The Being Framework is like having access to a unique looking glass that allows us to see through human beings, including ourselves, clients and people in our organisation. This benefits immensely when it comes to allocating the right person in the right role, coaching and mentoring in personal and career development, building effective teams and causing leadership.


Meet Your Program Leader

Ashkan Tashvir

Ashkan Tashvir is the author of Being: The Source of Power, the radical paradigm for people and teams to lead meaningful, effective and fulfilling lives, and founder of the Being Profile. He pulls upon his research into phenomenology, ontology and epistemology, his experience from the building of multiple global businesses and his work coaching top executives worldwide to lead the program. He is also an investor, venture builder and has a technology background including being a former Microsoft certified trainer.

The Being Framework Leadership Mastery Journey


Complete the 3 day Being Profile Accreditation Program.


Complete the 13 sessions and 2 masterclass sessions of the Being Profile Thrive Coaching Program covering the key coaching techniques and methods*.


Submit your application and undertake the 3-round selective interview process for the The Being Framework Leadership Mastery Program.


Compete the 26 fortnightly sessions over 12 months of The Being Framework Leadership Mastery Program.

Program Details

Tuition Fees: $21,500 USD

Total Program Length: 26 fortnightly sessions over 12 months

Application Process:

(1) Submit your application form

(2) Undertake 3 x rounds of selective interviews.

*Special Consideration:

Exemptions from the requirement of the completion of the Being Profile Thrive Coaching Program can be applied for should the applicant have existing senior coaching experience.

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