ORORRA is the World's First Online Tool that Provides Insight into Your Unique Ways of Being.


ORORRA is the world’s first profile based on an individual’s unique way of being. Through a series of unique and challenging questions, ORORRA helps people to discover the ways of being that are linked to results in their life and work. ORORRA is currently being used by top coaches, managers and leaders to drive high-performance in individuals and teams.

The Challenge

Ororra is a tool that is based on work in Ontology, the study of ‘being’. It was created by bringing together a number of academic experts and a group of highly experienced and trained coaches who had extensive experience in the field. This team initially searched for existing tools and found there was nothing that effectively uncovered the core aspects of being.

As a result, they undertook research in both Australia and the USA in conjunction with a number of studies previously conducted at Harvard Business School to determine the framework of questions that would most effectively and consistently uncover an individual’s existing ways of being.

A cohort of professional coaches with extensive experience in leadership and behavioural change provided feedback on the effectiveness of using Ororra to produce breakthrough results with their clients. They also looked at how to use Ororra to powerfully support both individuals and groups to elevate their results by adjusting and transforming their ways of being.

Key Venture Building Areas

Ororra was conceptualised, designed, built, launched and commercialised using the Genesis Framework, by the Engenesis team and has now been successfully spun off into its own separate entity.

Everything from researching the opportunity and validating the demand to the product’s design and development was done in-house.

Frank Food System

A New Standard in Food Safety, Allowing for Temperatures to be Taken with Minimum Fuss and Non-Compliant Temperatures Actioned Straight Away.

The Premise

Across Australia each year over 1.4 millions instances of food poisoning take place. 120 of these instances result in death. In restaurants, cafes and other food businesses across the country, these are potentially preventable and unnecessary.

The Solution

FRANK is a food safety application that removes the burden of pen and paper, making it easier for food based businesses to record their food temperatures and ensure they are compliant.

The founder brings 25 years of food industry and auditing experience to the table. In particular, FRANK has been designed not to fully automate food safety processes, but rather to enhance the responsibility and accountability within the team to ensure greater awareness and ultimately, preventative action.

Key Venture Building Areas

Engenesis worked closely in the product design stage of FRANK and guided the validation process to dramatically reduce the risk of the venture before the go to market stage.

The product is successfully generating revenue and is expanding its customer base in Australia and has recently featured in community events such as the Maggie Beer Foundation conference.


Authentic Opinion Data Empowering Small Businesses.

The Premise

In the market research industry, one of the biggest issues is in sourcing unbiased information. Many methods to gather customer insights involve users incentivized for their feedback. Elligo revolutionizes this by providing a low friction, social media based rolling poll system that allows users and companies to obtain user insights quickly and in a natural and inviting way.

The Solution

The way this data is brought to the market is an area the company is out to disrupt. Where currently only corporations and large companies are able to harness big data, Elligo's vision is to provide a new level of accessibility to data-driven decision making for small and medium sized businesses.

Key Venture Building Areas

The team includes an engineer, data scientist and accountant. Being a young, highly energetic and visionary team, they bring great potential to a high growth industry.

The key area that Engenesis has worked with Elligo in has been in commercialisation; from initial idea to prototype and development of the business model. In addition, being the first venture of the founding team, Engenesis has played a major role in building the human capital of the team. Ensuring that they are prepared for the entrepreneurial journey ahead, and are getting the most out of the team and their network of resources.

The team has completed the product design and continues to gain commercial interest as the product aims to be released later this year.


CryptoEconomy 2.0. The world's most comprehensive decentralized blockchain platform for mainstream crypto adoption.

The Premise

Originally cryptocurrency was created to make life easier when it comes to day to day trade. Over the years, it has become far more difficult to conduct day to day spending with cryptocurrency due to very high fees and long settlement times. This means that the original intention of cryptocurrency has not been fulfilled.

Consequently, although there has been a lot of attention on cryptocurrency recently, it has mostly been in the form of a speculative investment vehicle rather than promoting a faster, decentralised payment system.

The Solution

Agate is a holistic solution for the entire cryptoeconomy that allows for mainstream cryptocurrency use. In particular, it focuses on merchant facilities and merchant uptake which means that cryptocurrencies could be utilized in the economy with day to day trade and spending. It's key features include near-instant payments and markedly low transaction fees.

The Agate founding team includes a PhD in blockchain, a bank-grade expert in payment solutions and a serial entrepreneur with heavy experience in the retail sector. The team has created a very strong solution and has attracted great early-stage interest.

Key Venture Building Areas

One key area Engenesis has worked with Agate to achieve is in tailoring the message to a wider audience. Cryptocurrency is complex in its nature. To bring a solution like this to mass market involves not only technical solutioning, but also the ability for everyday users to understand how it can make a difference to them in daily life.

In addition, the partnership with Engenesis has given Agate an unfair advantage in the market when it comes to the level of development capability. The Agate solution is very comprehensive, including a user mobile application, merchant application, physical POS terminals, a secure payment gateway API, ecommerce plugins and an API suite. Building a technology team that could deliver this level of product alone is a major challenge which has been dramatically reduced inside the Engenesis and Agate partnership.

Agate has now raised over $1,000,000 in funding and is attracting global support as it aims to launch later in the year.


D-Risk is a FinTech AI platform that works in the investment banking and surrounding fields. The software takes a previously manual process for creating credit rating reports for companies and turns it into an easy to access instantaneous report.

The Challenge

D-Risk involved PhD level research to create an artificial intelligence system that was able to replicate the manual process to over 90% accuracy.

While a sophisticated artificial intelligence engine had been developed, there were large gaps in how to commercialize the technology and intellectual property. Although it was highly valuable in itself, it was not in a state that could be used by everyday users.

Venture Building Areas

Engenesis supported by creating a UI UX prototype and designing how the software platform would be used on a day by day basis. This was then turned into a clickable usable prototype.

Using an API based structure, the user-facing system was created such that the AI could be utilized by users of the financial industry. The product has passed regulatory hurdles and is now entering pilot pilot engagements by a number of large banks and other financial institutions across Asia.

The company has recently been selected as one of the top 50 startups in the Asia Pacific.


Xeali is a platform for coaches, therapists and consultants with the vision to disrupt the well being industry.

In the midst of the leaps in technological innovation, we posed the question: "What if, rather than looking at what technology can do, we looked at what it can NOT do?" It was identified that people will still need to work with people to cause lasting change and transformation. The role of Xeali is to facilitate and empower this process in the digital era.

The Challenge

The work of coaches, therapists and consultants day in and day out causing change, transformation and an uplift in human performance is very complex. There are many layers and subtleties that need to be considered when moving knowledge, skills and wisdom from one human being to another.

Xeali has started with the challenge of how to support the day to day process of people in this line of work. This involves dramatically reducing the administrative burden of scheduling, billing and client note taking that takes these professionals away from doing their best work.

Venture Building Areas

Xeali was born from the Engenesis team and funded directly. From customer research, to wireframing, to UI/UX, to prototyping and development, the team has been hands on through the entire process.

It is currently developed and tested with leading coaches, consultants and mental health professionals and we look forward to launching it later in 2019.