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Are you the type of person who acknowledges that we are either growing or decaying in life? Do you see everyday as an opportunity for further growth?

If you have answered yes to these questions, this platform has been designed for you.

Information Overload Stifles Growth

We have unprecedented amounts of information and media available to us as a result of the information revolution. However there seems to be just as much poor quality information as that which is helpful. More has not necessarily resulted in better.

Feeding Your Mind with Junk is a Poor Recipe for Success

A lot of information and media today is not helpful - it simply exists to get you to click. While the hype does entertain us and attract our attention, it is filled with misinformation. This ends up leading to major blocks in your success journey.

Why is it so important to consume high quality information?

Engenesis created this platform after working globally with thousands of business owners and leaders whilst obsessed with the question:

What makes a leader truly effective across their business and across their life?

What we found as one important part at the root of their success was the way they filtered through and chose which information to digest and which to discard. This factor determined their long-term potential because they were able to create unshakeable foundations for their future business. Engenesis created the platform to reach millions of people getting up every day to lead businesses and provide them quality information that has them to drive their next level of growth and success.

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How To Approach The Investment Process | Alex Solo

4th Feb 2020

Alex Solo
How can I get investment for my business? This is a common question asked by many entrepreneurs. Alex Solo from Sprintlaw shares with us some things we need to know when approaching raising capital.

Take Control of Your Money Story | Pete Lord

Peter Lord

14th Feb 2020

Peter Lord
Peter Lord, founder of Best Financial Friend shares with us some easy ways how we can better save our money, and improve our financial situation.

How To Beat The Competition and Find Your Next Job | Trevor Churchley

Trevor Churchley

8th Mar 2020

Trevor Churchley
Finding your next job after being made redundant can be a daunting task. Trevor Churchley from TalentCRU shares with us the simplest way of securing that next position.