Engenesis is passionate about supporting early stage companies to thrive. As such, we both help prepare companies for investment and make connections to our existing network as well as directly partnering and funding companies through Engenesis Ventures, our investment portfolio of early-stage and scale-up companies.


Every day, thousands of entrepreneurs are seeking out the funds they need to help them start or accelerate their business venture. Rightly so - injecting decent amount of capital into a venture at the right time and with the right components in place can be a formula for large-scale successful growth.

Although early-stage venture investment in many regions across the world has reached all-time heights, the percentage of companies that successfully raise funds is statistically lower than two percent.

That means, you need to stand out.

Startups that have worked with Engenesis in the fundraising preparation process have raised up to $2 million AUD. Our approach is effective because we get exposed to dozens of investors and startup ventures each month going through the process, giving us an insight into the current capital raising market. As a consequence, our ability to position a company well for investment is the reason we are called upon to empower the fundraising process for companies internationally.

Our process involves assessing your company through a set of 24 Criteria of Investment to not only bring to the fore the strengths of the investment, but also identify ways to increase the value of the company in the process.

Apply to Engenesis Ventures

1. Complete the online form here
2. Phone interview with Engenesis Team
3. In person assessment session with Directors (or video conference for remote teams)

Selection Criteria

We accept founding teams of 1 - 4
We accept founders still in work
We accept startups at the idea stage