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Discover New Levels of Performance and Effectiveness for Your Organisation

The Being Profile® is the world’s first profile based on ontology, the study of being. It is remarkably precise in its ability to support coaches work on deep seeded issues that hold back performance for leaders, teams and organisations.

Real Leadership Cannot Be Faked

The 28 areas that are measured by the Being Profile® are the result of research with hundreds of leaders in the field. They are objective measures that make up the fundamental ways people participate in and engage with their life and their work.

Moving Past Good-Sounding Corporate Change and Transformation

If you’re reading this, it is likely that this is not the first time you’ve tried to improve the performance of your team. There are dozens of approaches organisations can take: from behaviour to personality and psychology to neuroscience. The issue is that these approaches tend to have momentary uplift, but don’t move below the surface enough to cause lasting transformation.

The Best Work of Humanity Synthesized into a Single Framework that Any Organisation Can Tap Into

The level of research that went into the Being Profile® was unprecedented. Never before have we seen a practical tool based on such a substantial amount of groundwork stemming from traditionally separated fields.

Use the Being Profile to Equip Your Team

Our tailored corporate programs mean that your entire leadership team can be equipped with a new tool that can be used to lead the organisation to great heights. Enquire today to have a specialised program designed to suit your organisation’s needs.

How it Works


Each team member conducts the Being Profile®


Conduct interpretation workshops with your leadership or team


In depth support and training with managers and leaders of the organisation to utilize the Being Profile®


Experience heightened performance and culture

Who It Works For

  • Corporations
  • Government
  • SME
  • Not-for-Profit

Why Our Clients Have Used the Being Profile®

  • Company turnarounds - from multiple years of loss-making to finally turning a profit
  • Fundraising - unlocking confidence in the leadership team to raise funds
  • Workplace issues - uncovering blockages in team communication

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