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The Being Profile® is the world’s first ontology-based profiling tool. It is invaluable in that it measures the fundamental facets of how human beings participate, engage and are effective in their lives. Being Profile® Accredited Members have undertaken formal training to accurately administer and interpret the Being Profile®.

Featured Being Profile® Accredited Members

Tanja Caprioli

"What makes people tick? Why do some succeed while others fail to get traction? Do you know where you get stopped and why? What are the critical success factors? I can help you discover where you may be creating your own roadblocks which are preventing you from achieving your career and life goals. Nothing changes until YOU change! The key factor in anything is taking action. Just Do it."


Caroline New

An expert in Leadership and Personal Development, I provide services ranging from Executive Coaching and Assessment through to Leadership Facilitation and Training - both online and face to face - to ICT executives, business leaders and professionals.

ICT Executives
Personal Development

John Smallwood

I've been a CEO of 16 companies across a wide range of industries and countries. I am a high performance coach with Master Coach accreditation. Through my experience leading and managing businesses with turnover up to and in excess of $250US million in Europe, Australia, and throughout Asia, I have gained a deep appreciation of and powerful insights into how people drive the performance of their organizations.

High Performance
Master Coach

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