Corporate & SME Ventures

Where the millennial generation builds and realises the future

The Crux of Value Creation

From radical innovation opportunities discovered with the large financial services customers of Engenesis Corporate Advisory, Engenesis Corporate Ventures is the Entrepreneurial pathway. We build Ventures specifically designed to deliver new technology for direct benefit to large corporates. Benefits that can have market wide impacts, for competitive advantage.

Radical, as the innovations solve crux problems arising in the nexus of major concerns of our customers.

Integrated Model of Corporate Venture Building

Vertically integrated model from customer to new product delivery by new ventures

Engenesis Corporate Advisory

Has deep specialist Financial Services markets, strategy and operational expertise. On working and on behalf of its customers, it provides business knowledge, and training for customer product design requirements specification to new ventures.

Engenesis Ventures

Staffed by experienced and successful entrepreneurs the millennial generation it works with people in its existing portfolio of ventures to build leading technology ventures and take them to market faster, leaner and with less risk.

Engenesis Services

Staffed by the millennial generations, it has a long track record of technology delivery, globally. It can provide if required, low risk, high impact teams and agile-lean delivery of key technology to new ventures.

New Ventures

We find existing firms or cause start-ups that are willing to have their businesses specifically designed to deliver to new solutions to large financial services firms, via our vertically integrated model.

How We Work