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Our Community Partners

Engenesis sponsoring the Big Data Hackathon 2018 at Macquarie University

Great to be a part of the Big Data Hackathon 2018 at Macquarie University as a judge and sponsor, run by the Big Data Society and the Data Analytics Research Group. Encouraging Ph.D. students to solve the world's problems through an entrepreneurial approach pitching their business ideas to judges.

Ideas ranged from digital parental supervision to solutions to cyberbullying. All focused around new ways to use big data analytics and data mining to solve problems relating to young kids and issues around social media-related mental behavior.

STBS Meetup Group - 600+ Members and Counting

Sydney Tech Based Startups (STBS) is an open community of entrepreneurs growing their companies and keen to support each other and collaborate.


STBS Meetup 1 - Pitch Night

Our Pitch Nights attract founders, investors and advisors in one place. It is a great opportunity for up and coming startups to gain exposure for their company and refine their pitch.


STBS Meetup 2 - Supercharge Your Pitch

Our Pitch Workshops take a hands on approach to supporting startups to build their companies. They obtain real-time advice to hone their pitch. Founders benefit from cross-disciplinary input from investors, strategists, UI/UX designers and technology experts.


STBS Meetup 3 - Revealing the Future of Mainstreaming Cryptocurrency

Although cryptocurrency has arisen in the public eye, it is still a fair way away from being used in the mainstream economy. This event explored what it will take to alter this, and was an opportunity to announce the launch of Engenesis Venture Partner, Agate. Agate is a comprehensive cryptocurrency solution bringing together merchants, users, developers and organisations toward an everyday cryptoeconomy.


Tech Peek - Innovations Summit

Tech Peek exists to lead the conversation around a purpose-driven economy. Its vision is for Sydney to be a leading startup capital of the world.

MNM - Pitch Night

The MNM Institute is a leading training organisation qualifying the next generation of entrepreneurs, marketers, leaders and managers. Engenesis has been involved as a judge for their big pitch off competition. Five MNM participants, five business ideas, five minutes each to pitch to the judges to win $ 4,000.

Hammer and Nails - Investing

Hammer and Nail is a revolutionary new way to network. It brings together young entrepreneurs to share a hammer - a strength that they have to contribute - and a nail - a problem they are looking to solve - in an open community environment.