Being: The Source of Power

Clear Confusion - Break Past Individual Barriers - Build Your High Performing Team

The Time for Authentic Leadership

Do you understand the value of human capital and can see how maximising the productivity and effectiveness of your people is the biggest lever to causing immense results? Even a company with the best strategies, tactics and a vast array of resources will have significantly reduced chances of success if their staff is of low calibre.

Beyond a Behavioural Approach to Leadership

Have you tried to change behaviour alone, but get frustrated by the change being short lived?

Are you overwhelmed with how many individual behaviours you would need to change to achieve your goals?

Do you try to implement changes with those around you, only to be blocked by their ego or sense of pride?

Meet The Author

Ashkan Tashvir

CEO and Founder of Engenesis. The group of companies he leads work globally in some of the most disruptive spaces

Beyond his business experience, his deep appreciation of the fields of philosophy, technology, leadership and management bridges unexplored fields.

Who the book is for:

  • CEO and C Level Executives - Wanting to enhance performance across the entire organisation.
  • Coaches - Wanting to complement their arsenal with the power of the Being Profile
  • Leaders and Managers - Wanting to boost the performance of themselves and their team.
  • Professionals - Interested in strengthening their careers.
  • Individuals - Wanting growth in their personal lives.

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