Being Profile: Unlock Greater Effectiveness & Productivity through The World’s First Ontology Based Profile

Bring Extraordinary Precision and Clarity to Your Leadership - Lift Longstanding Barriers - Experience Unseen Levels of High Performance

The Cornerstone of an Organisation’s Performance is in Its Ability to Unlock the Potential of Its People

You understand the value of human capital and can see how maximising the productivity and effectiveness of your people is the biggest lever to causing immense results on a team and organisational level. Even a company with the best strategies, tactics and a vast array of resources will have significantly reduced chances of success if their staff is of low calibre.

Be the Leader that Drives Your Team to High-Performance

Do you want to get more out of yourself and your team, but don’t know where to start?

Do you know some members of your team are holding you back, but can’t define the real issue?

Do you experience getting stuck in levels of performance and productivity, even when all the ingredients exist to thrive?

Have you experienced some individuals adding disproportionate value to a team, whilst others add no value or are even detracting value from it - but don’t know why?

Have you paid for expensive training or tools, only to find that your team found a way to ignore and not implement the associated guidance?

Built From In-Depth, Hands-On Experience

The team that distinguished and designed the profile have had a range of experience including leading companies up to and in excess of $250m+ in sales, grown teams to 10x size within 3 years, and coached and consulted hundreds of other businesses across multiple industries.

They appreciate the challenges that arise through the process of business growth and change, such as team culture starting to degrade as staff sizes increase. A team culture that gives rise to excessive interpersonal conflicts, high levels of inauthenticity, or a lack of responsibility severely inhibits optimal business results.

Background: How The Being Profile Was Born

Engenesis Ventures has been working for years with business leaders from across the globe. With the initial goal to seek and invest in high-potential growth companies, the group examined thousands of companies from multiple countries. Through this process they observed time and time again how, above product quality, strategy and business model, it was the people behind the venture that were the biggest factor in driving overall performance. This led to the Engenesis team in an endeavour to illuminate and articulate this domain that is typically not focussed upon. The Being Profile cuts through the confusion to create a common, standardised framework to discuss what high performance in leadership and teams really looks like.

What is Covered

The Being Profile measures 28 distinct areas across 4 separate categories that directly relate to a person’s personal performance. We can help you transform all of these areas and give you precise access to exceptional, breakthrough performance.

Your Steps To Transformed Results


Conduct your 60 minute Being Profile Questionnaire.


Attend an Interpretation Workshop to investigate your results.


Uncover the key development areas needed to enhance your performance.


Transform your most important areas in business and in life.

Who it Works For:

  • CEO and C Level Executives - Wanting to enhance performance across the entire organisation.
  • Coaches - Wanting to complement their arsenal with the power of the Being Profile
  • Leaders and Managers - Wanting to boost the performance of themselves and their team.
  • Professionals - Interested in strengthening their careers.
  • Individuals - Wanting growth in their personal lives.

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