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Master the coaching methodology that leaves your clients with lasting transformation whilst increasing the demand for your services.

Being Profile® Thrive Coach Training

Being Profile® Thrive Coach Training is designed for existing or new coaches who want to be trained as ontological coaches and in the use of the Thrive Model and the Being Profile® in their coaching practice.

About The Course

The program takes place online once each week, for 2.5 hours, over a thirteen-week period. Being Profile® Thrive Coach Training covers 26 individual modules that incorporate each of the key ways of Being identified in the Being Profile®. The Training also includes two Master Class workdays that we recommend you attend in person. These are highly practical workdays with sessions where you get to meet other coaches, learn coaching techniques and sharpen your coaching skills ‘on the court’.

In addition to ontological training Being Profile® Thrive Coach Training explores the various practical and key aspects of coaching including marketing, business development, client engagement, set up, coaching agreements, contracting, effective networking, closing, coach conduct, transitioning, push back, etc.

All Being Profile® Thrive Coach Training sessions and workshops are led by highly experienced ontological coaches with many thousands of hours of face to face coaching experience and training. Training materials, lessons and online access to other resources are provided as part of the Being Profile® Thrive Coach Training program.

What You Get in The Program

  • Successful participants will receive a certificate confirming their completion.
  • You will be invited to join the network and cohort of other Thrive trained coaches.
  • They will have access to Being Profile® Thrive Coach Trainers, additional resources, regular Master Class sessions and preferential rates for use of the Being Profile®.
  • Engenesis may also at its discretion invite successful participants to join the cohort of Being Profile® Thrive Coaches.
  • Being Profile® Thrives Coaches receive further coach training, have their details listed on the official Being Profile® Thrive Coach website and other associated websites and links.
  • Being Profile® Thrive Coaches may also use the term Being Profile® Thrive Coach on their website or marketing materials.

Coach Requirements & Agreements


Complete a MINIMUM of 20 hours of coaching as well as attend a MINIMUM of 20 of the 26 modules over the thirteen week program.


Each participant agrees not to miss more than one session in any two consecutive weeks.


Attend a Final Interview: At the end of the Being Profile® Thrive Coach Training program participants will also have the opportunity for a final one on one interview and assessment to determine their competency, delivery, and understanding of ontological coaching.

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