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The expertise of Being Profile® Thrive Coaches is in their ability to uncover the blocks in performance for you and your team. Rather than focusing upon surface level issues, their ontology-based training allows them to precisely identify and work through key areas that will bring about paradigm shifts for your organisation.

Being Profile® Thrive Coaches

Ashkan Tashvir

Ashkan’s expertise stems from a wide range of business experience. He launched several companies at an early age. Through going on to work with startups, corporations and government, he has a special ability to understand business in establishment, growth and large-scale stages. He used to be one of the Microsoft Certificate Trainers in the world for two years. He has extensive experience in CTO and technology leadership roles and with a deep passion for developing human capital and building high performance teams he has a unique ability to bridge the people, technology and business aspects of an organisation.

Human Capital

John Smallwood

I've been a CEO of 16 companies across a wide range of industries and countries. I am a high performance coach with Master Coach accreditation. Through my experience leading and managing businesses with turnover up to and in excess of $250US million in Europe, Australia, and throughout Asia, I have gained a deep appreciation of and powerful insights into how people drive the performance of their organizations.

High Performance
Master Coach

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