Become Accredited in Interpreting The Being Profile®

Learn How To Use The Being Profile® with Colleagues and Clients and Leave a Lasting Difference


About The Being Profile®

The Being Profile® is an invaluable tool and measures the fundamental facets of a human being that makes us distinctly different from each other. Qualities such as Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility, Empowerment amongst others. These aspects also correlate directly to our performance and the results we produce in many areas of our lives.

Becoming a Being Profile® Accredited Member

If you are a coach, recruiter, HR manager or a business leader who wants to get the most out of your team then you may be interested in learning more about accreditation in using or interpreting the Being Profile®.

About The Course

In order to become an Being Profile® Accredited Member an individual must successfully complete the three days accreditation training (Being Profile® Introduction & Accredited Being Profile® Member Workshops) and complete a minimum of ten Being Profile® feedback sessions (over a maximum 6 month period); As the final stage, you will attend a Being Profile® Accreditation Member interview and assessment.

What You Get as a Being Profile® Accredited Member

How to accurately, powerfully and consistently interpret the Being Profile®.
How to support someone both during and following the interpretation process.

Once you are an Accredited Member:

  • You will be able to purchase profiles & receive alerts as profiles are completed.
  • Have access to coaching support & be able attend regular refresher session.
  • Participate in masterclass workshops and be part of a very exclusive cohort of individuals committed to developing others. You will also have the option to be on our international register of members.
  • You’ll receive certification as well as a Being Profile® Accredited Member Badge. You may display the valid accreditation badge on your website or social media profile, e.g. LinkedIn profile, as long as valid accreditation is maintained.
  • Accredited members may also request to have their details displayed on the directory page of the Being Profile® website.

Engenesis is the Official Accreditation Body and Provider for this Being Profile® Course

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