For Investors

Engenesis provides a unique opportunity for investors to be involved in high growth, early-stage startups.

We out are to cause a shift in how entrepreneurs start and grow businesses that go on to impact the world. This involves taking a different approach to how ventures are funded.

As there are increasingly larger numbers of startup ideas and founders with the intent to build the next revolutionary technology company, the key challenge is in identifying genuine founders and business models that will execute successfully over the long term.

To support growth, Engenesis provides pre-assembled infrastructure that enables rapid product development as well as sales and marketing expertise that results in building technology companies leaner, faster and with less risk.

The consequence is a highly capital-efficient model of growing and scaling early stage businesses. The leading benefit to investors is that Engenesis takes a key role in ensuring capital is being used actively and efficiently to grow that business, all the while providing additional expertise and networks to accelerate the business further.

There is a unique opportunity for investors take part in this process.

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